Troubleshoot NAD 3125 integrated

I'm using a NAD 3125 integrated I bought new in 1985. This was my home study system, recently promoted to main system following the demise of my main power amp. It drives a pair of RDL speakers (Roy Allison's last company).

One channel has somewhat lower output, particularly in bass. (Checked by switching speakers and playing test tones.) I'm consdiering buying a replacement, since it costs $100 plus just to have service center evaluate. Plus repairs. Does this type of problem sound familiar? If this is simple and common, I will fix, otherwise go for new NAD C320BEE or maybe Cambridge Audio 540.

Would appreciate any comments.

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Taking its age into consideration, I'd say you have a few dried up electrolytic capacitors. It wouldn't hurt to rebuild the amp with all new ones. You can go the cheap route and just buy cheapies, or you could spend plenty and use all Blackgates or similar audiophile caps, but the cheapies will work fine and probably cure the problem.