Troubles w/ Cary 306 SACD cutting off discs at end

Has anyone had any experience w/ the Cary 306 SACD cutting off discs before they end? This has only happened w/ a few Redbook and HDCD discs, but it is very annoying.
Picked up a used unit a few weeks ago and have not noticed it. So far I've listened to mostly hybrid sacds and HDCD. Great sounding unit.
Yes. They are supposed to provide a downloadable fix on their website. Still waiting.
Call Cary, they will take care of you as they fixed this a long time ago.

The problem is that Cary followed the Redbook standard when they wrote their code and they discovered that most CD manufacturers have invalid data in the table of contents of the disc. Cary fixed this with a software patch that actually adds 5 or so seconds to the end of the disc. Peace.