Trouble with P-75 & $

When I use my Dynavector P-75 in phono enhanced mode ,I get a lot of popping,like the input is over driving the pre-amp.I am kind of disappointed because this is the setting where the P-75 is supposed to shine. My pre is the EAD theatermaster 8800. When it is set to 100ohms and 63db gain I have no problem. I would like to fix this. Any ideas?

i don't have this problem either. what type of cart do you use? as i'm sure you know, the pe mode is only for low output mc's. it's not suitable for high output mc's or mm's. the only other suggestion i can come up with is(and i know it's not very clever) is pop the top and go in and double check that the jumpers are all connected properly, according to the directions. i have to use needle nose pliers to take them off and on because they're so small.

other than that, i would email dynavector ( i've done this on a couple of occasions and received fast replies.

good luck. the p-75 is a terrific unit. hope you get the problem fixed.
Thanks for the reply Sberger
I have the Kontrapunkt B. Output voltage at 1000 Hz, 5cm/sec.: 470 ┬ÁV
should work fine. i would definately email frank and get his thoughts.

good luck.
After talking with Alastair Roxburgh from EAD,I put 1 10k resistor in series on each interconnect. This seems to have solved the problem. I think I'll try making some silver interconnects myself.