Trouble letting go?

Am I the only one who has gear laying around they're not using because they have trouble letting go of stuff they like? I've got a pair of Energy C6s that are actually holding up my rear speakers. I haven't sold them because I liked them and they were such a good value. I also have an old preamp in my attic (Perreaux, somewhere between 10 and 15 years old). I still have it because it was my first preamp. Am I nuts? Should I just sell them, or does anyone have any recommendations for a cd player and amp that might match these components for a decent secondary small-room system? Ack! Did I just say that? Oh well...
This is just a confirmation: "You Are Nuts"!!!

Aren't we all?!!!!


You can consider the unused equipment as backup equipment in case something goes wrong with your current equipment. Or, maybe it's time to consider building extra systems in other rooms.

One thing worth thinking of is how many people will talk about something they owned...and wish they still had.
Do you have any family members that might appreciate it? My parents are using a system made from some of my old gear and they love it (Infinity Qa speakers, NAD receiver, Denon CD player). They never would've spent the money for even a modest system like this. They have 400 to 500 CDs - not bad for a couple in their late 60s with absolutely no interest in audio.
It's nice to have extra equipment about in the event all you have is fried by a lightning strike. At least that's how I justify it ;-) Jc2000 has it nailed.
I am nuts too. I am not a pack rat about most anything else except audio. I still own most of what I have enjoyed at different periods in my evolution. The only thing I can say is overly sentimental and that is I don't want to give/sell away a piece of my sonic youth. That being said I have some stuff which I have bought recently which I would sell, I could use the room. Now its my Wife she likes it and won't let me sell it!
I am in the Same Boat! My spare rooms look like "The Isle of Misfit Toys"! I was running 4 systems up to about 2001, 3-2 channel, & 1-7.1 HT system. I'm now working on a 2 in 1 system, 2 ch & 5 ch HT. However I still have enough spare equipment in a spare room just shy of speaker cables to build 2 more 2ch systems! I myself must detatch myself from some of these items, & learn to let GO!!!

I didn't think it was all that bad till an A'Gon buddy sold of his entire system 2 months ago due to frustration I guess? He just mentioned to me that when he decides to build another system he's just going one stop shopping in "Frank's Audio Warehouse"!

I just 2 weeks ago answered a thread on a Sacd player that I thought I had sold, only to discover later that I still own it!

I'm doing somewhat better, I have been listing a few items for sale lately, but that's only cause I'm also Buying!!!
Similar situation here: without planning to, I've ended up with three complete two-channel systems (two with three sources, one with two sources). I live alone, so there's no problem housing all this stuff (bedroom system, living room system, home office system).

The problem is that now I don't like the idea of not having a music system in each of my main rooms!

Yes, a form of madness.

Happy listening all!