Trouble joining "Insider"?

I finally decided to join "Insider" on this site (thanks to the 50% off program). I'm looking forward to using the Audio Bluebook. In any case, I keep getting the message (in red) that my zip code validation failed. I updated my profile and credit card info last week, but still no membership. I'm starting this thread to see if others have had this problem, or if I'm doing something wrong please point it out. The directions on the email I received said, "Choose Pay Annually, add the code A50, press Join." Certainly sounds easy.
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Where's the benefit? The Audio Bluebook would seem to be the only benefit. For Audiogon, I mean. Considering the more people know about prices the more likely they are to list at realistic prices which means more sales and more revenue for Audiogon. So they should be giving it away not charging for it. The rest, the way they describe it anyway, is ludicrous. Why do it at all?
Why don’t you get in touch with AUDIOGON? I am sure they will assist you. The 50% discount is worth it!

I'm with you. I have tried unsuccessfully to get in touch with someone here at Audiogon. They seem very anxious to get "Insiders" but so far I have heard nothing back from my emails. As you probably realize, that was my motivation for starting this thread. Maybe Tammy, or someone else will read this and get involved.

@geoffkait I am voting you in as the first president of the club!

Enjoy the emails now!

Tammy reached out to me about this problem. Although I had reviewed my credit card info, the billing info didn't match our residence due to our recent move. I didn't even know Audiogon had my credit card info. She updated the info and I joined "Insider." For $50 per year, the Audiogon Bluebook is worth the money. Problem solved.
They asked me to join 'Insiders' for free, on account of my being on this site for so long. But the link didn't work, so no Insider.
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Unfortunately the insider still doesn’t work.  I’ve paid almost a full month without access to the Insider forum.  I’ve waited three weeks for customer service while all they told me was they’re working on it.  Until they stopped responding and closed my ticket.  I have requested a refund, but I don’t expect a response.  
I wish I never joined because it has completely ruined Audiogon in my eyes.

Just FYI-a year after I joined, I received a pop-up telling me I was being charged for another year automatically. I contacted Tammy and she cancelled the charge, but gave me the second year free. I don’t think they want to lose any of the "Insiders". In retrospect, the only benefit I feel that I received was the Bluebook. Frankly, for the $50 I spent, I did get my money’s worth.