Trouble in Paradise with my Danes?

Do I have a major problem? I was listening to some music (with heavy bass) on my Satellite through my new Danes tonight when I encountered trouble in paradise (and I wasn't even playing them loud! My 85 watt/channel Denon wouldn't push them that loud even if I had it blasted and I didn't even have the volume above 0). Anyway, the heavy bass resulted in some cracking sounds coming out of the lowest midrange of the left speaker, but there was no problem with the right one. I listened to some other channels with heavy bass (even some rap) and did not hear the same problem, but the bass wasn't as deep as when it occurred. Do I have a blown speaker? or did I go below their range? What does it sound like when you go below the capability of a speaker?
Play the same tune and take the covers off the speakers and observe the cone. If it looks like it is trying to throw out too far you might just be bottoming out. This will sound pretty much like what you described.
No money I right on the money! I also thought, when reading your post, that your speaker has just bottomed out. Do as he says and here's hoping you'll be back in paradise after that!
In addition to the above two good replies, something else you may also want to consider is that you could be causing your amp to "clip" and this will give you some weird and not-so-wonderful sounds. Just thinking of your comment about "...Denon wouldn't push them that loud..." Regards, Richard
I did this and yes they were coming out, but it was only happening to the left speaker. Can I reach the low end on just one of the two (I wouldn't think so)? Unfortunately, I was listening to a song on my sattelite, so I cannot reproduce it.

I would think it is more likely that the receiver was clipping, as it is not rated for 4 ohm loads.

Thanks for your help.
Sometimes there will be more low information on one side of the mix, but if you notice that on every song you play that the left speaker is moving that much more then I think something may be going on. Double check the phase to your speakers. I am not sure if this will cause that type of problem but it's easy enough to check. Good luck
May help if you have a test/cal tone on a cassette deck that you can use to generate a tone to check the left and right channel balance and phase. Or a test track on a cd. That will check what N0_money suggests. regards, Richard.
Try switching the two speakers and play the same passage that has caused the problem. If the problem is still there on the Right speaker (no on the left) is doing the same thing it is the music. If the Left speaker (now on the right) is doing the same thing you know it is the speaker. Good luck.