Trouble finding bookshelves for PrimaLuna DiaLogue Two

Hi All,

I've been looking off and on for a long time for a good match for my DiaLogue Two (original tubes: 2 - 12AX7; 2 - 12AU7; 4 - KT88).  I am looking for bookshelves / stand-mounts under $5k (I might consider used, too), but many of the speakers I have enjoyed in stores seem (at least according to online recommendations) to be too power hungry to be a very good match for the DiaLogue Two (38 watts in ultra-linear mode).  Sources will be Clearaudio Emotion SE TT (using the Dialogue Two's optional phonostage add-on) and Tidal/Spotify or ripped CDs through the DAC of a Chord Hugo.  I listen to a wide-enough variety of music that I don't want to match the speakers to a particular genre.  More info below.  

For the last 9 years, I have been using NHT Classic Threes, which were also connected to my HT using an amp switch.  I have never loved the NHTs with the PrimaLuna, but they weren't bad and I wasn't terribly motivated to replace until now, as I have recently moved my audio gear to a new, relatively small rectangular closed room (10.5' 16').  Placement will be a consideration, as the new speakers will need to be placed centered along the long side of the room, about 6-7' apart.  I can probably give them a foot from the back wall.  My ears will probably only be 7-8' from center.

I admit I'm not great at describing what I like in speakers, but from my trials, I at least think I like 1) softer tweeters / slightly warmer sound; 2) good imaging; 3) clarity at lower volumes; 4) musical engagement.  Sometimes "clear" or "detailed" speakers are engaging, but can often be too harsh.  Sometimes "warm" speakers are engaging, but are sometimes lacking in some way that is muddy or fatiguing (like my ears are straining to get some more detail).  Perhaps it will help if I provide feedback on just a few of the many speakers I've heard in stores:

Tried with the PrimaLuna, but in a store:
  • KEF LS 50 - I wanted to like these but did not.  Something about them is unpleasant to my ears/brain.  
  • Golden Ear Triton One - I enjoyed the full tower powered sub sound for orchestral music, but overall it didn't do much for me.  Seemed muddy, especially at low volume, and a bit fatiguing/unpleasant to my ears.
  • B&W 805D - Not a soft tweeter, but I really liked these anyway, even with the underpowered PrimaLuna.  They were much better with some serious SS amplification, though.  Ultimately, I couldn't justify the price as a match with the PrimaLuna.
  • A Sonus Faber bookshelf (probably Concerto but maybe the much more expensive Guarneri?) - These were paired with the PrimaLuna when I purchased it back around 2010.  Whatever they were, the sound was lovely.  However, I was just starting out in this racket back then and perhaps I was merely impressed by anything decently good.
Tried, but not with PrimaLuna:
  • Dynaudio Focus 160 - really liked these - good balance of warmth and clarity, but mostly they just engaged me in the music.  I only heard them with a Naim solid state in a heavily treated listening room, though.
  • Various Harbeths (I believe the P3ESR and either the Super HL5 or the M30.1) - I really liked the Harbeths - a lot.  Just welcoming and nice to listen to.  There aren't a lot of Harbeth dealers around, so I have seriously considered trying the P3ESR with the Primaluna despite the fact that it appears Harbeths need a lot of power to really sound their best.  I did have the dealer hook up a similarly powered tube amp, and the Harbeth's still sounded pretty good.  I preferred the larger model at the dealer, but the listening area was rather large and a bit industrial (lots of hard surfaces and a high ceiling).

In addition to the P3ESR, I am also eyeing the Dynaudio Special 40, based on my experience with the Focus 160. And, to be completely honest, I may just try some cheaper ELAC Uni-5s for the time being if I don't find something else soon.

Sorry for the long post, but it seems like there are usually a lot of follow up questions to these types of posts.  Any help would be appreciated!  
Go with the Harbeth P3. In that size room the 40 watt Primaluna will be sufficient. I’ve owned many stand mount speakers and the Harbeth is my favorite!
Another review!
Ref 3A de Capos were used on my Primaluna PL2. great sound detailed good bass for a stand mount
Try the Proac bookshelfs they are very efficient speakers and work great with tube amps .
Take a look at the Omega Compact Alnico Monitor. The CAM is able to be close to a backing wall and your Primaluna will have no problems driving it.
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Op you should go and relisten to the Golden Ear Triton 1R which is a smaller version of the Reference version.

There is a gigantic difference in sound quality from the original Tritrons to the new 1R, all of the drivers have been redesigned, specifically for this speaker, plus a whole host of other improvements. We had the same feelings as you did with the older Tritrons, the sonic balance wasn’t quite right.

We heard at Axpona the brand new Tritron 1R being played on all Prima Luna gear the it was one of the best sounds at Axpona beating out rooms that were two to three times this rooms modest price point.If you check out the show reviews countless reviewers said the same thing that the Tritron 1R were the best value oriented speaker at the entire show and were a true standout.

Still trying to reconcile that post that says you want bookshelf but you are also listening to a lot of floorstanders?

Another stand out is the Legacy Calibre this is basically a full range floorstander shrunk down it is very close in sound to a pair of Legacy Focus Signatures. the Calibre has very deep bass and is efficient.

The Calibre throws a huge soundstage and has real deep bass sub 40hz, the drivers are state of the art Gemany made Heil AMT tweeter/midrange, a front firing custom made Italian midrange woofer and a top loaded subwoofer and two passive radiators all in a relatively compact enclosure.

Then there is the ATC SCM 19MK II which are inefficent at 85db but can do well with a lower wattage amplifier if the room isn’t too big or the volume requirements aren’t too great. Fabulous midrange, outstanding dynamics. A classic not too bright nor too dull very balanced performer.

We are in the NY Metro area.

If you are in our neck of the woods we have a very large selection of affordable loudspeakers from PSB, Kef, Quad, Dali, Legacy, ATC, Golden Ear.
to name a few.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ
Thanks for the input so far everyone.

I'll see if I can track down any of the various recommendations in my area (upper midwest).  I'm hesitant to get anything I haven't heard.

It should at least be easy enough to find the Triton 1R, though as I mentioned I am mostly looking for a bookshelf.  I included my thought on the Triton just to give a better idea of what I do/don't like.  I've listened to quite a few other floorstanders, and thought many of them were pretty good, when I compared them to bookshelves at the same price point, I tended to like the bookshelves more.  I don't really know why.   
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I would also consider/look at/listen to the Acoustic Zen Adagio Junior speakers, which will be a good pairing with your amp and are terrific sounding.  I would consider them a stand mount rather than bookshelf, but they do fit your needs wonderfully.  Good Luck!