Trouble Contacting Clear Day Cables

Has anyone else had success contacting Paul at CDC recently?
I have sent some emails and also called and left a message but have not heard back.
I know he has had some health problems in the last year or so but I thought he had been feeling good enough to start making cables again.  
I hope he is OK!

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Get well soon Paul. God bless you!!!

I find myself thinking of you and hoping the Lord intercedes on your behalf so you may continue your fine (by example) ministry here on Earth.  Keep fighting the good fight!

I bought some cables from Paul in the past and spoke with him on the phone occasionally.  A wonderful person.  God bless!!!
@olesno, yes Paul is a wonderful person. Honest and a thorough gentleman! The reason many of us are experiencing great pleasure listening to our system is because of him.Unfortunately he has closed business because of deteriorating health. As @hifiman5 said, I hope and pray for a miracle in his recovery.
The last I spoke to Paul was before I bought my last set of speaker cables of another make, about 4-5 months ago. We talked extensively about my system, cables, audiophiles, and his deteriorating health with what he had to look forward to. 

It was very sobering, to say the least. He tried as hard as he could to overcome setback after setback, and wished he could accommodate all the orders coming in. 

I wish him an easy passing knowing what my parents went through.

All the best,