Trouble balancing SME 3009 series II tonearm


I have a fully restored Thorens TD-124 with an SME 3009 series II tonearm. I just tried to mount my Grado Master Reference One cart onto it, but both my Shure analog scale and my digital scale both say the tracking force is too heavy and off the scale. I just bought a brand new Ortofon LH-2000 aluminum head shell. It’s considered light weight. I have moved the Ryder weight and the large weight on the back end of the arm all the way back to try and lighten the load. Nothing is working. This cart works great on my VPI Classic 1. And it’s not very heavy compared to others that people have successfully managed to mount on this arm. What am I doing wrong?  Please help!  Thank you!

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Ortofon LH-2000 weight 15.5g and the detachable SME head shell come with 3009II weight 6.4g, that could be why you can't balance the arm, A heavier counter weight or lighter head shell may solve the problem.