Troika with love but bent cantileaver HELP

I have currently got an lp12 ittok lv2 troika with i find to be smooth, detailed, and gloriouse. I find the troika to really shake some of the fat mid bass weight. The problem is the cantileaver sits off to one side and does not track as well as it should.. and.. im not recieving equal signal to right and left channel! Now this is very frusterating and really driving me mad but i love its sound. I would like to know how to locate another with low hrs and or is there any fixing or altering from linn and or other sources. I welcome any and all knoledgable advice. thank you.....HELP.... Riley1
Many canileavers are not perfectly straight. Most tonearms can be rotated to adjust for this (azimuth). A jig for proper cartridge alighnment is available from several different manufacturers (Pro-ject comes to mind). This gives you the wizard hat you need to get teh cart "dead on balls accurate" to quote Marisa Tome (see My Cousin Vinny). A quick Google search brought up this website ( that appears to get the basics right.

Good luck!
Just to add one thing to Bignerd100's comment, make sure you align the cantilever on the alignment gage. Normally you use the cartridge body (because it is easier to see) but in this case you know the cantilever is not in alignment with the body.
Bent cantilever is like being a little bit pregnant.