Troika on RB-300

Can anyone tell me if it's possible to mount a Linn Troika on a Rega RB-300 ? if you've done it how'd it work for you?
I have never mounted one on a Rega but I can't see why it wouldn't work. I have a Troika on my Ekos and it is great. What table are you using? I can tell you that I had a P25 with a Lyra LydianB and loved it. And if the money is ever available I plan to get a Helikon or if the money comes in a better amount a Skala. The Troika is a very good cartridge, but I like theopen detail of the Lyra Carts.
It's going to be used on a very old and heavily modded LP-12.Very happy with this setup except it has a original motor in it (no Valhalla) and am considering a Origin Live DC motor upgrade.
It has been 20 years since I last mounted a Troika into anything - the third bolt is behind the two main bolts? Not ahead of it like the Rega? I do remember reaming out one of the Itok holes to accommodate the third bolt.
Agree about the sound -which was a pure pleasure.