TRL or VSEI Level 4 for Sony S9000ES

For what seems to be called redbook CD, I take the digital out from the Sony through the DACs in the Proceed PDSD, becuase this gives a more open and transparent sound and better sountstage than using the Sony DACs. For SACD, of course, the output from the Sony is analog, and uses Sony's internal pulse-width DACs. The redbook CD and SACD sounds are a bit different, perhaps the SACD might be warmer, the redbook CD more detailed.

I really like the Sony S9000ES , and am wondering about having it modified by TRL or VSEI. There seems to be a substantial difference in cost. Your thoughts, preferences, or recommendations would be appreciated.
I do not own a Sony, but TRL modified my Alesis ML9600 CDP, CRR, HD player and the results are astounding. Not to mention their standard mod cost is $550. It's hard to beat at that price. They are somewhat secretive about what they do. However, considering the type of gear they build and their other technical interests - they have done work for Intel, medical technology companies, as well as have their own music label (for which they use the Alesis for 2 channel recording) - there is a lot of intellectual property here that goes into the $550 mod package. I use my Alesis as a transport with an Audio Mirror D1 DAC because Paul Weitzel mentioned that most of the mods were done to maximize the digital output. Paul is easily accessible by email and my numerous converstations with him lead me to believe he is very credible. He mentioned that the Alesis will be reviewed in 6moons soon and the TRL Sony 595 has already been reviewed. He is someone worth contacting and the TRL mods are worth looking into. Money back guarantee to boot.

I would email Paul at TRL and see if they have done any of these units or what his thoughts might be on it. He knows Sony units quite well.
I have had TRL do two digital sources (Sony 595 and Marantz SA14), as well as an integrated amp (Musical Fidelity A300).
All of the mods created excellent musical results.

I am sure the VSEI mod is also very good but I have not had the pleasure of hearing one.
Both good options for you I am sure.
Good Luck.
See the 6moons review regarding the TRL modded sony,

Enough said. killer performance, Plus
Paul Weitzel is a craftsman, and only uses the finest of materials currently available. I've had Mr. Wetitzel perform many different mods on various types of products over the past several years, all of which have been the cutting edge from a performance vs. money spent ratio. Although, I haven't heard anything about the the other option you have listed... I'm sure it's good? But, something else to keep in mind is the fact that a lot of NEWCOMERS to the world of MOD's are just that "NEW" to the game. Paul has been in the business for some 30 years or so, and has been in the vanguard of the digital front for just about as long! Among, the many credits, and accomplishments to his name is also the fact He has been a recording engineer for the better part of his life and knows what sounds right, and how to achieve it! just some food for thought...
Thanks for the helpful information. I had contacted TRL via email, and will follow up with them with a few questions before I ship my S9000ES. Clio09's post suggests that I should plan to continue letting the Proceed PAV/PDSD do the digital/analog conversion for redbook CD.


I would speak to Paul about the best use of your Sony. The reason he recommended me to use the Alesis as a transport is that the original board in the unit prevented TRL from implementing many of the mods they like to perform on the analogue section They were able to clean up and according to Paul, "make the analogue section listenable," but buy and large the real effort went into the digital stage. As an aside Paul mentioned their work with Intel helped with those mods (of course he would not elaborate further). Many of the other Sony mods that TRL has done have allowed their owners to forego a DAC, so you should verify this with him.

Yes, definitely chat with Paul. The redbook may be able to be enhanced dramatically and you will maybe not need a DAC. You can always A/B them when you get the unit back.
They also allegedly do wonders with the video sections.
Have fun!
Hello, any updates to report?