TRL battery phono stage

Has anyone heard any input on TRL's new high output battery phono stage? I think it may be selling for around 1,500.00. They say it's better than his 20,000.00 tubed phono stage. Maybe someone will review it sooner or later ?
Did your information come from TRL? Reason I ask is I've heard nothing about this and I was on the phone with Brian Weitzel earlier in the week so I'm sure he would have mentioned something as he was shipping me some record cleaning fluids.
Where can one find some more online info about TRL and their phono pre? Any website for TRL?
I think Lithojoe is referring to Tube Research labs(TRL). Man, they make some expensive tube gear - $25k preamp, $20k/$85k, $140k monoblock amps.

They seem to have built a pretty good name for themselves modifying/upgrading cd players and dacs, too. Oddly, these are fairly affordable in the $750-$1,500 range.

There isn't any mention of the new phono pre on their website, as of now. I wonder how much that is going to cost?
I emailed Paul Weitzel and he indicated that they do have a transistor model and it has 50db of gain (could be made with higher gain). I'm trying to get some other information, such as loading options, but he indicated this was probably suited to cartridges like Blue Point (I'm assuming maybe HO MC) and MM cartridges. He has been trying to come up with a step-up to use with the phonostage but so far has not liked the sonic results.

The website is pretty useless for information on new products and while I'm sure they would make the tube gear, the focus has been on transistors for the last couple of years. My D-225 amp is the best buy I've made in a while. I also have the Pre-1.5 battery power preamp, although I'm not using it in my system at the moment.
Give Paul a call for info on any of his products or services. He is a great guy and easy to deal with. I understand the issue he has regarding the reluctance to use SU's and, knowing Paul, he refuses to offer something unless he feels it is perfect.