TRL 595 Discussion Died Years Ago

Just wondering what 2008-9 opinions might be about the player.
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Shake 777

I see that you are a recent member of Audiogon, and your question from yesterday suggests you’re not familiar with the way auctions go on this site. I myself am not that familiar with the auction process on Audiogon because I do almost all my buying from the classified ads. However, from the little I’ve observed of auctions, almost all the bids come at the very end of the auction. With the automated proxy bidding system, there’s no reason to bid any earlier. On a rare occasion, someone might attempt a “shut out” bid, but that only works if the bid is fairly high and therefore runs the risk of overpaying.

Your question would be more relevant if you asked it after your auction failed. In that case, it might be because you are a “zero feedback” seller. It’s often been said in these forums that “everyone starts with zero feedback.” However, because buyers are at greater risk (they pay before receiving the goods), it’s easier for a newcomer to start out as a buyer and build up feedback before selling. I’m not saying it’s impossible to sell with zero feedback, just harder.
Thanks for the good common sense information, I appreciate it.
My TRL modded Marantz SA8001 came back sounding worse overall than the original.I will be careful next time mod anything as I also got a lemon Shanling 3000 level II mod with Dexa clock from Chris Johnson from Parts connection here in Canada who designs mods for Underwood Hifi in the US.
I wonder about break-in time?What say you?Good luck,Bob
It has being playing for a month and did break in by opening up etc.It is well broken in.Thanks for asking Bob.