Trivista remote performance

Hi, Not an audiophile question but!. Any Trivista owners experiencing poor remote performance? I have just replaced my Krell amp with the Musical Fidelity Trivista Amp, and its performance is wonderful. However not so the remote. I have to virtually be within a few feet for the thing to work at all. Just curious if any one else has the same experience.
I have a TriVista SACD. It uses the same remote. Mine works very well. Make sure you have strong batteries and try it again.
Ah, remote control problems! I agree with Thsalmon, one of the easiest problems to fix, but very few ever check their remote batteries. I got caught myself a few times with this problem! Also, if you happen to have sunlight hitting the remote sensor on your TriVista, this will cause the remote to perform poorly, as well.
I have a Musical Fidelity NuVista CDP and NuVista M3 Integrated amp. Both these pieces are wonderful, but both came with bargain basement, butt-ugly remotes. The amp remote works ok most of the time, though I don't get too ambitious with it. The CD remote works kinda sorta, on every other Wednesday, as long as I push the buttons OVER AND OVER AND OVER again. Cussing helps. And I need to be within 6 feet of the CDP. Yes, I have replaced the batteries, and cleaned the contacts and cleaned the sensors and made sacrifices to the audio gods.
I thought I could solve this problem, and reduce two remotes to one in the process, by purchasing a Musical Fidelity universal remote. I am not sure why I thought this would be a good idea, because of course, I now have ANOTHER MF remote that doesn't work so good. At least I only have to cuss at one remote now instead of two.
I don't get how MF can make such fabulous and attractive gear and then include such bad remotes. Everything is a trade off in the audiophile world, I suppose.
Thanks for all your responses. I did put in the freshest batteries I could find, with no improvement. I will look out for stray sunlight, thanks fatparrot. and thanks quitcity, saved some money not buying the universal remote. I agree with you, how can MF make such great gear and match it with such lousy remotes, seems to cheapen the experience some how. Anyway thanks for all your comments.

Got the Tri-vista Amp and SACD player. Remote works fine on the SACD but same probel on the amp. Two issues, sensor too far recessed and the volume knob is solenoid driven but rubs enough on the edges to keep it from starting consistantly. There is a retrofit kit of some kind on the way for the knob. We'll see what happens.
I have a 3.2 pre.amp and the remote sucks! I used my learning remote from my HT systems as a test,and found that it is indeed crap. I have also read in some other posts about the remotes. The pre. is outstanding.