Trivista 300 vs KW 500

Has anyone directly compared these two high output integradted amps? Trivista 300 seem like a real bargain but I am wondering if KW technology is better?

Thanks in advance.
Absolute Sound has written up both of these. In their January issue the reviewer opines that the KW is better than the TriVista, which he loved in an earlier article. As a TriVista owner, I am very pleased but this article got my attention. The only slight downside to the TriVista is that when you turn it on the component selection dial spins around. Every so often, rarely for me, the dial ends up on the wrong component. I have seen one or two complain that the motor turning this dial is not strong enough. The sound, however, is sublime.

I just received my kw500. it is great. I was thinking of getting a trivista for second sys.