Trivializing what I have is the best...

I have enjoyed and used this site since it's beginning.  It seems that many threads now boil down to people defending what they own in the manner of "what I own is the BEST!)....kind of like a high school pep rally. 

That’s not fair! There’s plenty of us defending what we don’t own too! And what about the ones defending what exists only in their imagination? Not to mention there’s people here not defending anything at all, at least not that you can tell, its all bar room banter and BSD. Oh and speaking of, ones bragging about what they got and what they spent. So its not all like you say. You just need to step back and get some perspective. See?

Any comment that ends with "see", needs to be read by the person that wrote it. 
Identity and brands is a real thing.

It is not every person who can enjoy what they own, be a fanboy and still respect the desire of others to love and listen to something entirely different.

This takes some introspection and goodness knows I am not perfect. :)

I think we should be free to like some things, not like others in a civil and constructive manner.


The general definition of Choice Supportive Bias from Wikipedia:


The tendency to remember one's choices as better than they actually were. In this respect, people tend to over attribute positive features to options they chose and negative features to options not chosen.

erik,  I agree.  The freedom to like and/or not like is, thankfully, real. In giving feedback on this, or any other, fourm it would seem to be in good faith to not do the "mine is the best" recommendations. 

But hey, what I have is truly the best and I think everyone should have the same thing...kind of the Karl Marx type of audiopile. 

Well said, mapman. It’s just HiFi.

It doesn’t bother me that people like and defend what they own. People are proud of what they have, I get it and enjoy reading about it. I have learned a lot on here and I’m grateful.

However, omniscient, mean spirited puffery is a whole other kettle of fish. I’m not sure about most of you, but it wears me out. 

Also, when some peace loving soul complains about the vitriol on this site, the ‘they ought to be able to take it, life is rough crowd’ starts. So, as an adult, the audio discussion board is where you decide to take a stand and dispense tough love?  

Broke as a joke...
To;dr: Please don’t be mean to others, life’s too short.
whatjd, your first paragraph is the 'grail' of AG...concise, simple, and the basis of these forums. *S* If there be Prime Directive for us, that's It.👍

It's the 2nd one that has the 'trip wire'...;) 
" But hey, what I have is truly the best and I think everyone should have the same thing..."

To 'some', that gets taken Literally....much to general dismay for most...'varied' response by a few....🤦‍♂️

Crowd dynamics always attracts hecklers....we now call them trolls.
There be good trolls and bad trolls in any crowd, and the crowd determines which is which. 'Twas always thus, and likely always will be.

It keeps it lively....and all too real...*G*
I only share my experience - I have purchased some pretty poor products - I wish more would share their bad experience with dealers too so.  It is nice to know honest reviews of products. 

Here are my favorites:
- Anthem AV Receivers
- Classe Sigma Amps
- ARC Preamps
- Jeff Rowland Amps
- Shiit Audio
- Martin Logan Motion Series
- Wilson Speakers
- OPPO Anything
- Klipsch (sorry - but they make good home theater stuff)

Who I would never own again:
- Sony anything
- Denon / Marantz
- Parasound

Who I would buy from:
Crescendo Fine Audio - Some of the best service out there.
Paragon Sight and Sound - Another great company

Who I would not buy from:
- Upscale
- Listen Up
- Acoustic Vision (Montana)
plaw, I appreciate your courage to put your experiences in print.

I would add on the + side, Magnepan, ARC, CJ and I will take some time to think about other + and a few -.

To own the best is a risk; the hordes will inevitably appear at the crest of the hill. So lurk and listen in a bunker with mediocre headphones. 
The day people will understand that  embedding rightly the audio system is way more important and most of the times a way more increase in S.Q. than adopting a new brand fetish, as good as it is,  this day will see a more conscious audio community, more free and happier... My best to all ….
In the spirit of sharing experiences, good or bad:

I found these to be inferior sounding:* SVS Ultra Bookshelf speakers* Parasound Halo integrated amp (amp section; preamp was good)* PS Audio Stellar M700 monoblocks (thin)

I really like the Wavetouch Audio Antero Speakers; they make other bookshelf speakers (including $5k ones) I've tried sound like they're playing through a veil.
Hi DeKay,
Just kind of thinking out loud.  I have, esp. in my younger days, wanted to think anything I had was the best, from cars, to audio...and I am sorry to say, even the mate I had.  When I had a fair amount of money and power I fell into the "arm candy" trap and paid some prices for that.  My audio pursuit has been more honest with, as Mr. Pearson called the absolute sound, being the goal...wheither I knew it or not.  Usually, like perhaps most, we include a bit of ourselves in our critique of the human condition. 

Yeah, there is an unmistakable streak of meanness on this site, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying it anyway. It's just that, even more than on the other consumer product websites I frequent (e.g., ones involving bicycles and musical instruments), if you haven't laid down a king's ransom for your gear, you just ain't worth anything more than a sneer.
Having been in audio for over 40 years and owning a Audio store taught me 
that some people won’t spend extra money for example for decent audio cables 
even if you can prove it,for they can’t justify spending say $2500
on system cables,power cords , and spent $30 -$40k on the system 
it happens much more then it should , while I have met others who would not
buy a system under $100 k . Myself can no longer justify spending buy bucks on audio. I choose now to buy good designs and just mod or have it modded
with premium parts and obtain  sonics that Would cost 3-4x more.
system synergy is what counts and most.
Only thing I wish stopped was the blatant back stabbing- arguing- dissing - complaining about other people in the forms this is constant and is tiering.

I wish people would not post if they have nothing relevant to add, some people post because they are board I think.

I took a break from the forms because I got tired of the constant dissing of other people and how it can take over a thread.

IF you do not like someone keep it to your self please. if that person posts something don’t post in their thread just to diss them its not cool IMO. Its of course relevant to correct miss information but do it in a respectful manner. I’m sure most people would never talk the way they do to someone in real life like some do here. if they do they are people I don’t care to know or talk with.

no ones perfect not even you! lol

We're kind of stuck with each other here since there's very few people in the 'real world ' who gives a hoot about our particular geeky hobby.I do wish there was more discussion and less trolling.Geoff cracks me up though:-)
Kills me when I hear “ light years ahead “ and the sample size is less than thirty....

but my resolution is fight less, sponsor more artists, go to more concerts and attempt humble sobriety a small fraction each day....

*S*   But a 'king's ransom' that means little to some, may have a different measure to others....
What is meaningful and fulfilling can be meaningless to others.

Who are you to judge?  Yourself.  Although your final decree may be accepted only by you...and you, alone...

'Quid rides? Mutato nomine et de te fabula narrator.'
(Horace, Satires 1. 1. 68–72)

Enjoy yours, as I enjoy mine. ;)
I’m of the opinion that the real payoff in the chase for the "perfect" system is when you are playing cards with friends and you have the music playing and one of the guys stops and listens to a song and says something like...dang...that sounds really good...even though he is several feet from the "sweet spot". I could give a rats a-- about the opinions I read on here. Do they really matter? Oh...have any of you heard the SVS Prime Pinnacle towers? What did you think?

When people say "X is the best" I hear that as "My experience is that X is the best." If the claim is made with hyperbole, it's diminished in force. If it's offered without reasons, same thing. What I've benefited from is when someone offers a reason and someone else takes that up for analysis or offers additional reasons, other factors, etc.

@plaw Why won't you buy from Listen Up? I'm in Denver so this is relevant to me. Thanks.
Kind of on point, kind of not:

I really appreciate it when those who recommend something explain their own personal context. What did they try before, what speakers, what music, what do they want out of their system.

I am disappointed when users post a single message like "I love X" and when I ask what they have tried, it's just different versions of X, or using vague terms like "coherence." with no idea where they came from, what else they thought was close, etc.

It's like a movie reviewer. If you don't know what movies they liked, you don't know if you'd agree with them.


I get a kick out of the posters here who seem to switch out their components once a week.  It's not about the money, either.  Ah, another set of tube mono amps!  Ah, another double hernia operation...
edcyn, I relate it to our heritage as 'hunter/gatherers'....always looking for the next meal....;)

*hmmmm*  "....that looks edible.....*nibble*.....mmm....ehhh Blech!" *L*

(Or it goes down and stays there....for awhile....;)....)
Well........what I have really is the BEST!  I have a 9volt transistor radio that I go to sleep with every night, and it is a magical radio that can pick up early 60s rock and roll from "The Big 89" WLS in Chicago, I can listen to Ron Riley, Art Roberts and others do the nightly count down of the top 3 phone requests.  It is great, Gene Pitney, Del Shannon and many others...until that darn "British Invasion" came in and America kicked out the "native talent".  But, "It's My Party and I'll Cry If I Want", so there. 

Ha...Leslie Gore. 

Don't be mocking those little wonders from Japan, @whatjd .
On the east coast it was 77 WABC AM out of NYC playing all the hits.
When the music was great, that's all that was needed "gear-wise".

I am not sure what company made it for them, but for Christmas my parents bought me a protable radio from Mongomery Ward and it was sonically very good.  It seemed to have much inside of it (yes I took it apart to look inside).  I went through most of the money I could get ahold of for batteries. 

I like seeing other members’ systems, as . . let’s face it, they’re pretty friggin impressive!  I won’t own equipment like that, not in this lifetime, but I can try to imagine what it sounds like and how it might make me feel.  I could go look up people’s profiles for that, but if it comes up on a thread . . . go ahead, be proud of it, I would!

Im a guy that doesn’t know what he doesn’t know, but I know that is a lot.  So, for me, any advice, suggestions, impressions, warnings that another member cares to post . . I’m interested.

As for the putdowns, I can enjoy them too if they are funny (and many are).  I haven’t been on the receiving end, not yet, but that could even be funny in the hands of a skilled surgeon.  Like Don Rickles used to say . . . people would come up to him and say, “Mr. Rickles, insult me, please!”  😝
This is the first time I have posted anything about my own system. Some components are 250k, and my streamer was 1.5k (until I replaced it with a multi CD/streamer component 9.5k).
I felt that there would be a push back from the trolls and naysayers. Why would someone use 250k speakers?I love my system, I would like to improve some areas, or better said, try other components to see if one or more areas could be improved. That said, I also love reading the posts which are experiences or a personal review. Leave the bagging out of the posts.