Any Triumph the insult comic dog fans out there? I just purchased the DVD of some the skits(most of them I have downloaded off the internet). But the Westminster Dog show skit is still as hilarious as the first time I saw it. The Bon Jovi skit was just so funny, I nearly fell out of my chair. And the Star Wars one........I just cannot stop laughing!!
Hey, you should have seen the dog interviewing Bill O'Reilly. It was hilarious. My favorite is the Star Wars skit. The fellow behind the dog suit puppet must be the quickest wit on earth!
Oooops.....I thought this thread would be about British sports cars and/or motorcycles - Triumphs, Mini Coopers, MGs, Austin Healys, Nortons, BSAs, and the like!
I saw Triumph touring to support their "Rock and Roll Machine" album in 1977 (I think). Auditorium at a nearby college, total attendance of less than a 1000. I squirmed my way to the front row, first time I had seen a drummer that could really sing while laying down a righteous beat. Still worth listening to today, great Canuck band!
Yes British sportcars are high achievements in the mechanical world with first rate comfort and reliability. All in all there's nothing better than a Britih sports car for me to poop on.