Triton One, Audio Physics EP2 or Used Merlin VSM-M

Hello All, I sold all of my gear to fund a move from the Midwest to the West coast in 2005. My system had evolved into one that I could listen to for hours. I would like to start re-building. I had Merlin VSM-M speakers with a VAC Renaisannce 70/70 and really enjoyed the combination. I am considering buying the next iteration up, the VSM-MME, because they are about 4 or $5,000 used. However, I have read excellent reviews of the Triton One for $5,000 and the Audio Physic EP2 on sale for $2,000 right now. I am leaning toward the Merlins because I can send them in for upgrades as I can afford them or sell them for about what I pay for them versus selling the Triton One or EP2s for a big discount for what I would have paid for them. Do any of you have experience with these or something else that I should consider? Thank you, Brooks
Be aware that the designer of the Merlin speakers recently died, and as far as I know there is no concrete plan yet on how the company is going to proceed, given the suddenness of the passing. Check the archives under Bobby Palcovic's name. As good as they are, you should at least recognize that there may be no future upgrades available.
Pardon me. Emerald Physics is the name of the company.
I had no idea Bobby died. He was still young and couldn't be even in his 70s yet. He was amazing - always wiling to discuss his speakers and anything audio. That is very sad.
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triton one is killer……seriously better than many 20k speakers. i have been reviewing for 20 years and they are one of the top 3 components i have ever reviewed(up now at Don't hesitate. Best, Greg
I have Triton Ones and highly recommend them. As I’ve stated on other posts in this forum and elsewhere, they are an exceptional value. Admittedly, I have never listened to the other speakers you mention herein, however, I can tell you honestly that - among other high end speakers - I have listened to Alta Statement Towers (retail $200,000/pair) and I would still go with the T1s at $5,000/pair.