Tripp Lite LC-1800a

Anyone know what this is? There is ample info out there on the LC-1800. This is a different beast. It says it is a Line stabilizer/conditioner and "Low & High voltage regulator with ISOBAR noise and spike reduction."
This is just from memory so, as such, is subject to being completely wrong but here goes anyway: I think the LC-1800 is a line conditioner and is still available, while the LC-1800a was a voltage regulator and may not be available least, I haven't seen one in 5 or so years. If anybody has a different recollection, feel free to contradict me. Hope that helps.
TrippLite is sending me a manual. The LC-1800 is available, and the LC-1800a is not.
I'm hoping that the LC-1800a acts as the LC-1800 with added voltage regulation.
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