Tripoint Spartan

For the past two months, I have written very little about the Spartan Power Conditioner. Truth be told, I really didn’t have much to write about. The Spartan came with the highest expectations, along with the loftiest adjectives. Alas, it seemed not to be. Until one day…

On 7/24/2010, exactly 59 days from delivery, I sat in astonishment. Strange, because the whole system literally transformed in a single day. It’s as if someone took the lid off my stereo. What I hear is gorgeous, sparkling, clear, unrestricted, and delicate music. I hang on to every note, as it takes over my respiration, heart rate, and my eyes begin to weep. Even the pauses sound beautiful. The stage has been transformed into a hall, with notes rising and collapsing into natural space. Music is open and extended, with detail, sweetness, shimmer, and sheen. I can feel the music vibrate my body. From top to bottom, the music is absolutely cohesive, infused with energy and freshness. There is now a direct connection with my emotions.

I hear no negative effects or trade-offs. It does not simply lower the noise floor, but redefines the whole experience. Every audio component is performing better, and there is a purity and refinement. I do not hear a stereo, but I do hear the music. The presentation is absolutely uncanny. Nothing seems out of place, although the beauty is somewhat surreal.

Miguel’s obsessiveness has paid-off, and he has created two of the most unique, special, innovative audio components. Was it worth it? Depends if you want to take an excellent system to a new level by adding the elusive ingredient of magic. This was not an easy piece to afford, and it took a great leap of faith. I look forward to the next few months of listening to music anew, and I wonder if things will get even better. At this point, as I find difficulty getting out of my seat while enraptured by music, I would do it all again.
Yeah his stuff is completly passive, NO current limitation.It is funny how some people will fight new inovations kicking and screaming. All I can say is that I am glad that people like Miguel are passionate enough and stubborn enough to get it right. Rock on Tripoint!
After another month of break-in time, the word that comes to mind is 'pure'. There is a clarity and beauty, like a finely cut diamond. Yet, everything is relaxed and effortless. Whereas the Troy added a beauty and palpability, the Spartan clears away all traces of haze. The Troy and Spartan seem to be doing slightly different things, and the combination is very synergistic and complementary.
I agree with Rtn1. Nothing I've heard is so pure and natural.
I wish i can afford one, $35,0000.00 for a power conditioner. Wow!!
I believe it takes Miguel several weeks to create a Spartan and the material costs are relatively high.