TriPoint Audio Grounding Devices

This is my first review so please be patient.

Tripoint Audio manufactures grounding devices for audio systems in Florida,U.S.
I have known of them for about seven years and have just taken the plunge on one of their new NG devices. Several fellow agoners had been telling me about them for several years, and I was curious, but put off trying one. Delaying purchasing was due to various reasons, being skeptical by nature, and of course, cost. They are not inexpensive, but what quality items in life are?
The unit I purchased is a Tipoint Troy Signature SE NG, with Tripoint Signature Silver SE rounding cables. It is an entry level unit, so your experience will be at least as good as mine, probably better!

After several phone conversations with Miguel Alvarez, the owner/manufacturer, my unit was shipped in a few weeks after we decided on the appropriate unit for my system and different cable possibilities. It arrived in probably the best crate and packing I have ever experienced. Custom made wooden crate and well thought out packing made it obvious this was no ordinary piece of equipment. As I unwrapped the TROY Signature NG SE the fit and finish of the unit was excellent and displayed meticulous craftsmanship, the footers and rear connectors are of top quality materials and finish. The box is rather simple looking, but attractive. Remember this is the entry level unit, the upper echelon boxes are much more attractive.
Assembly of the unit and attaching the grounding cables is very straightforward and quick. Attaching the grounding cables to the components of my system was also very straightforward, with the use of some washers and slightly longer bolts for the chassis mountings.

Initial listening impressions were very good. I was immediately aware that a veil had been lifted. All aspects of the music were more coherent. Minute nuances in the music and voices revealed themselves. I heard things I have never heard before. I could go on and on with the adjectives but won’t.
This device does what they say it will do. It removes the “hash”; it makes your speakers disappear; musicality and clarity improve; it’s the icing on the cake; All is true! Cymbals and bells will sound lifelike, voices come alive, bottom end like never before, drums and percussion instruments are tight and solid, again all the usual descriptors.

If you have a system worthy of considering these devices, GET ONE!! I waited two years too long!! I have 12 years on Audiogon, bought and sold many items, and am a somewhat experienced audiophile. I have no connection with the manufacturer, none, except as a customer. I cannot stress this enough!!

Thanks for listening.

Music used during review: Stevie Ray Vaughn-sky is crying, couldn’t stand the weather; Oscar Peterson Trio-we get requests; Nils Lofgren-acoustic live; Peter Gabriel- so- 45 rpm; Patricia Barber-companion-cafe blue-nightclub; Moby- 18, play; Nirvana- unplugged in New York; Eric Clapton-unplugged and more.

Equipment used: PSaudio P10; TW Acustic/Kuzma/Opus-1; Allnic H-7000; Allnic L10000; Dartzeel 458; TAD R-1’s , Elrod power systems diamond cables throughout.

Does it ground to the wall? Or a box with minerals and elements designed to function as an earth ground?

A massive and very heavy wall cable is plugged into an outlet and attached to one of the binding posts. This is a passive grounding system, so this cable is used to only establish a ground from an outlet to the Troy Elite NG. Signature Silver grounding cables are being used in my system. These go from the other remaining binding posts in the back of the Troy Elite NG to unused input or output ports, chassis screws, or ground.


Fill an Amazon box with sand and...
This is my first review so please be patient.


Fill an Amazon box with sand and...

I believe that the guy who ran this company used to post here years ago pretty frequently touting these products. I am not criticizing them; they are way out of my league and I have no experience with them. They certainly look to be the definition of audio jewelry.
Tripoint is not inexpensive and their top offerings is certainly equivalent of audio jewelry. But I do concur with OP’s findings, passive grounding does improve your system sound by lowering the noise floor. I was skeptical at first but passive grounding works, once you hear the improvements you can’t go back.

As an alternative to Tripoint, Entreq offers quite a few options at much more affordable prices. I believe @mikelavigne system has both Tripoint and Entreq grounding, maybe he can share his experiences here.
The review is fine for a first. 
The item appears to be priceless.   
I have tried the CAD and it was just ok. I sent it back.
I did end up buying a used Entreq Silver Tellus. And I also made a couple of DIY versions.
These items are very interesting and do provide a more solid image, but I’m not totally sure why? Surely worthy of a trial.
The Tripoint is a little too pricey for me.

Why is cost so important when judging the piece being reviewed? What if it was free, would the nay-sayers be quiet? Members talk about something not being worth it, even if they haven’t tried it.  Look at the equipment I used in the review, use that as a litmus test. If your system is on that level or similar then try this piece. Don’t criticize it because it is out of your budget. I get it! I bought the entry level unit, but I wish my budget allowed for a top tier unit.

I posted this review because the piece I purchased performed as described, and I wanted to share the info, just like trying a new restaurant and telling your friends.
Enjoy the music! Peace and Love!