i just auditioned the Tripoint passive filtration system and it was absolutely fantastic. the device , in simple terms, reduces the noise floor and as a result, just opens everything up. timing and pace are improved , edginess is smoothed out with no loss of the musical truth. busy compositions bscome uncongested such that there is space between the instruments and you can really hear whats been recorded. details are enhanced , images are tightened and musical nuances appear out of nowhere. the expeereience was truly enlightening. i will need to seriuosly consider purchasing the unit. by the way, the designer /owner, miguel alvarez, is a true gentleman(and his sister gia is way cool) , and a more enthused audio devotee you will not find.

my equipment consists of all symphonic line reference gear, mbl 121s, jl f112 sub , symphonic line reference cabling and analysis plus speaker cable.
Current Tripoint Troy owners need to experiment with isolation platforms to remove Troy from the floor. Tripoint THOR Master Refernce Ground cable users need to try Lignum Vitae footers for best synergy.