Tripod Speaker Stands?

I'm looking for speakers stands of the tripod variety. MusicDirect is selling Solid Steel stands, but they're too teeny for my ATC 20s:

Anyone know of another manufacturer that makes beefy tripods?

Or anyone who does this kind of custom work?

Soundanchors or any other mega stands sound great, but don't fit in with my non boat-anchor style. Anything else stylish out there? Thanks!
How about Skylan Stands ...Light weight and fillable..Sound great..
Check out the Sanus Ultimate, I have SCM 12's on them with good results.
The Skylan stands are, no doubt, killer sounding. I just can't work with the big black look. Think they'll do other finishes?

The Sanus Ultimate is a nice looking stand :) Alas, I think my ATCs are too heavy for those stands. The rated weight is up to 35lbs...

The Marten Duke stands are nice, but pricey:
Sound Anchors, no one does it better. You can design, they will build.