Triplanar vii - upgrade tonearm and ic wiring

I have a triplanar vii
Gavia Galibier table, Zyx Universe cartridge, Doshi Aalap preamp

It sounds fabulous, very revealing and tonally balanced

Are there upgrade options that take the sound even farther?

Or should I leave a great thing alone
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You have a great setup. If it sounds fabulous, it's always best to leave a great thing alone.
This can be a very hard thing to do though for the average audiophile.
Break the mold, just enjoy the music. If bored, buy more LP's.
The new wire is a lot more flexible so the arm is supposed to be able to track better. It already was one of the best tracking arms made...
The Triplanar is nice but inferior to Graham Phantom. Did compare them side by side.
Jmcgrogan2 said it correctly!
Although I've never really been able to do it ;-)
The newer generation triplanar vii,
Gavia Galibier table, Zyx Universe cartridge and Doshi Aalap preamp upgrade will take the sound even farther.
Ralph, Do you really think the "old" wire interfered with tracking? That would have to mean also that the path of the wire through the arm wand and then down to the outputs via the vertical path, puts the wire in a position to interfere with the bearing action. I just don't see how that could occur.
hello, can you tell me who set up your Triplanar ?
I would love to have someone set it up for me.
Syntax, Maybe you could see here that you are relating your opinion, probably based on listening in one of your systems. Your opinion is valuable, but it is not more than opinion. So are you suggesting that the OP can upgrade his system by selling his TP in favor of a Phantom? IMO, that would just raise up another collection of pluses and minuses.
+1 Lewm, some folks just love change for the sake of change.
Different, is not necessarily better.
Folks do love to recommend their favorite flavor though.
everyone has that what he deserves ...most talk about something they have no clue about...I bought all that stuff... So what?
Looks like there are two threads running on this. Here's an edited version of what I posted on the other one:

As you know, you already have a great sounding setup. I know this is true since I have a Galibier Gavia with Triplanar VII and Benz LP and it sounds very nice indeed. Putting aside cartridge issues, which tend to be rather personal, you might want to consider a different tonearm, not that there is anything wrong with the Triplanar but just to try a different type of sound. I recently added an Analog Instruments Siggwan which is a 12" cocobolo arm. It is too early to say how it compares to the Triplanar but the Siggwan is especially easy and fun to listen to.

I am convinced that 12" arms are capable of better tracking. This is my 3rd 12" arm and each one has had cleaner tracking in inner grooves than any of the 9" and 10" arms I've owned. In addition to this sense of ease and composure, the Siggwan is notable for its lack of mechanical colorations. In contrast, the Triplanar has excellent detail but sounds more like a metal or mechanical instrument. It's hard to describe but whatever coloration is responsible for this is missing from the Siggwan.

Another option is to upgrade the Triplanar. I wasn't aware of this until today but Triplanar now has 3 models---the VII-U2 Classic, the VII-U2-SE, and the U-12. Both the SE version and the U-12 have a carbon fiber arm and silver wiring.

I see that you have several Doshi pieces so you must like the Doshi sound. I have heard the Doshi gear at RMAF but not in my own system so can't offer any suggestions there.
03-12-15: Syntax
I bought all that stuff... So what?

So what indeed!
Salectric...if you indeed have a Benz LP, run, not walk and get an LPS. The difference is startling.
Stringreen, I would like to get the LP-S but, unless something has changed recently, it isn't available in the US.
Ralph, Do you really think the "old" wire interfered with tracking? That would have to mean also that the path of the wire through the arm wand and then down to the outputs via the vertical path, puts the wire in a position to interfere with the bearing action. I just don't see how that could occur.

Hard to say- the Triplanar with the old wire was already the best radial tracking arm made. But the difference in stiffness of the two wires is easy to see. So if the arm is able to move more freely it must also be able to work better. Such things seem like they are subtle, but after the update it seems that the presentation is more clear. I was never able to get the old arm to mis-track.

I must say the new arm tube is nice too although the 'classic' arm tube again works just fine.

Do you know if a wire upgrade is being offered for existing Triplanars?

I started this thread to see if there was something out there that people were using wire wise to take their arm to another level.

Cable manufacters want you to feel you could have even more dynamics and resolution

I dont see that type of response

Like Jmcgrogan2 suggests - sit back and enjoy the music

Thanks all
The enemy of good is better.
Cable is certainly important no question about that. And that means cable everywhere including the wires inside components. I recently replaced the Cardas wiring inside my Siggwan tonearm with 1877 Phono wire. The new wire is still breaking in but so far it is a nice improvement over the Cardas. I had previously changed the RCA plugs on the tonearm wires from KLE Copper Harmony to KLE Absolute silver plugs. The RCA connector change alone was an important upgrade, but the wiring is equally important.
Wntrmute - you nailed it, thanks
@Salectric: Yes. We just got the arm in our shop turntable updated. It does seem to sound better.
Some time ago I sent my VIIuii in to have the cueing mechanism repaired. While it was there, Tri radiused my headshell, gratis, rounding the right angles. I thought the change improved the sound, making the highs a bit more resolving.
I seem to recall from a year or two ago Tri mentioning to me at a show something about reducing resonance in the headshell.
Yep - the front corners of the headshell now are radiused instead of squared off.
Is the triplaner an 12" arm?
Sal....I would call Musical Surroundings directly and get the trade for your LP to the LPS. They tell me they still have them.
Triplanar makes both a 9" and 12" arm.