Triplanar VII and Benz LP-S

Is the Benz LP-S (16.4 g) a good combination for the Triplanar VII?
I want to replace my Shelter 90x, and I've read that the Triplanar works better with cartridges under 10g and not with heavy cartridges.


Well, I have a Tri-Planar VII with a Benz Ruby 3 and it does sound pretty good to me. But I am not an analogue expert, far from it.

Have a look at Vinyle Engine.
I have the same tonearm as you and wondered about that same combo. Right now i am loving my lyra skala/tri combo.

I to have read from others that our triplanars are best with lighter cartridges
I guess I should take my 12+ gram xv-1s off my Triplanar. ;-) 16.4 is getting kind of heavy, though. The only way to know for sure is to try it.
Tri Mai of Triplanar should have some lessons in courtesy. Wrote to him like 3-4 emails about rebuilding a triplanar. Never bother to reply.
Same experience here...wrote to Tri Mai about his tonearm.....never heard back! He lost a sale.
I've heard the Tri-Planar VII Benz LP-S combination and there weren't any issues. I found the sound very enjoyable. I also am not an expert!!!
FWIW didn't/dosen't Brooks Berdan run that combination!?
Maybe try giving Tri a call instead?
That's why I love to read these threads; you learn what to
consider buying, and what to AVOID buying.
I called Tri Mai a couple of months ago and he said that I will be able to balance the cartridge on the Tri-Planar, but he never heard this combination.
My concern is if I buy the Benz LP S, I won't be able to enjoy it at its full potential because a bad combination between the arm and the cartridge.
I can usually contact Tri-planar anytime, but I never use the email to do it! Call him on the phone, 612-623-0922.
I called Brooks Berdan and they said it will be a good match