triplanar have a din- replace cable w synergistic

I was curious whether the triplanar (I believe I have the IV bought 2 years ago) has a din connection for the cables.
I was looking at upgrading to the synergistic excelerator cable

anyone replaced the cable and can tell me what's involved?

I'm talkign with Ted at Synergistic and John at the cable company to demo these products

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Din connections are not standard with the Triplanar. I asked Tri to make a din junction box for me a couple years ago. He had my tonearm for two months before he talked me into getting an rca box instead. Bottom line is that he is hesitant to provide a din connection. I ended up getting a Synergistic Tricon Analog cable, rca to rca, and was very glad that I did.
Whatever cable you choose, why not run it unbroken from cartridge clips to phono stage? Most TriPlanars come that way.

If you're going to the trouble and expense of a rewire, why have any junction box?
Hi, Triplanar now offers a din as standard connection type. This is a recent change. I bought mine about 90 days ago with a factory din.
The negative effects of an extra connection at this low of a signal level are real.

Frankly, I wish Tri would have eliminated the RCA junction box instead of offering yet another way to compromise his fine tonearm.

The Discovery Cable issued with the arm is very, very fine cable. For the record (pun intended), Discovery used to supply Air Tangent with wire for their tonearms.

My point is, that I don't know how it's possible to get a wire that is so superior to the standard issue Discovery Cable that it overcomes the disadvantage of the extra connection you've added to the mix.

As I advise customers on a regular basis, that their best bet is to stick with the standard issue, or gamble on a complete rewire - still retaining continuity from cartridge clips to output connectors.

Since you're likely to make a change rather than an improvement, why not just experiment with cartridges for a flavor change?

Thom @ Galibier
hi doug, thom and thaluza

I'm talking to the cable company on synergistic and they mentioned some pretty spectacular sound upgrades in the phono cable.

Doug's clips to pre comment makes sense if it's practical

Thom I won't be changing out the cartride or the table (your gavia galibier)!

I may just live with what I have and try the pre to power interconnect and speaker wire first