Triphazers - Use them?

Does anyone use the speaker version of the triphazer with any success and if so which speaker version ?
I just visited out of curiosity. I was surprised at the appearance and price of this product but cannot say it is not worth the $900.00, having not heard them.

I'm looking forward to comments as there are many high end speaker cables for that same amount of money. It would certainly be an interesting shoot out to hear them in a familiar environment.
Albert, i think that Music Direct carries them with a 30 day money back guarantee. I have read absolute raves about these products although i have NO idea as to what they do. I used to think that they were some type of "network box" like MIT's used, but i guess not. Sean
How could these things improve sound as they introduce some semiconducting device or another in the signal path.. plus you have to add another cable connection between...? kind of like adding a tube devise between a cd player and preamp to somehow improve sound.. doesn't this device just 'add' more deviation from the original signal? or am I wrong on this position?
Gentleman,I am very familiar with triphazers as I use them in my own high end system. These things will take your system to a new level never thought possible, no matter what the cost or performance of the equipment you own. No electronics or wire upgrades will equal the performance after breakin. If your interested, please email me at, I will be very happy to explain to you how these devices will transform your system. It is very important that we do talk before you make any purchases to avoid any mistakes. Happy Holidays!
Went to the creator's warehouse place to look at the old used electronic stuff he has mountains of (Tritium Electronics West Allis WI). I listened to the triwhatever 'cuz he was raving about them. (I can assure you he really believes in them):the sound was smeared on top and they really did nothng to impress me. I wouldn't take some for free if they were offered. Sorry Tritium Guy.
I, like Illusion, use triphazers in my system, with very favorable results from a "tweak" such as this. As with all tweaks, UMMV depending on your system components, interconnects, speaker cables and condition of your AC source..etc. However what makes the triphazers very different from other tweaks are their extended "conditioning period (aka "break-in")necessary to experience the awesome impact that can be made to your system's sonics. I started experimenting with Triphazers about 14 months ago, and now use a 20.0 speaker triphazer with my Osborn Epitome spkrs, a 25.0 Power AC triphazer on my DAC (EVS Millenium II), a 2.0 line phazer between the output of my preamp (Wyetech Opal)and the input of my monoblocks (Denalis). I have just recently placed the power AC and line triphazers in my system and is right in the middle of "conditioning" my system with the new additions. I can give details of my experience (impact on frequencies, soundstage, separation, background, imaging..etc.) if the thread wish to hear such. As a one-liner summary I would say:The triphazers allows your system to fill the room with music, with a great presentation of acoustical space. The sound is taken from a forward, in-your-face type of presentation (for example) to one that is more musical, balanced, with a depth of field that increases your level of enjoyment. NOTE: We are talking about a level of change to your system due to a tweak. I was a non-believer until after I experienced results after a substantial conditioning period. If you have the patience for this type of system tweak, it's well worth the effort.

I used the Triphazers, accidently crossed the beams and disembowled my cat. It was aweful!! No more tweaks for me.
HAHAHA... Celtic66, no more Ghostbusters or Star Trek for you. Your banished to watching "low tech" stuff like Xena from now on... : ) Sean
Ken - why are you using so many different Trphazers in your system and what is the meaning of 20 and 14 and 4.0 units - would the speaker versions be a good place to start?
I use the level 20 triphazers (the number indicates the size of the unit as it relates to the level of correction to be applied to the signal path in question) between the amp and speakers. The higher the number of the triphazer the more the signal is corrected/conditioned. I use a level 25 Power AC triphazer on my DAC and a level 2.0 on the output of the preamp. The idea for multiple triphazers is that you would like to correct or condition as many signal paths in your systems as possible. As such, I have conditioned the signal paths between the amp and speakers, preamp out and amp in and also the AC power being supplied to the DAC unit. (You can move the AC Power phazer around to various components, to gauge, the most bang for your buck, in your system.)
Yes, the speaker triphazers are the best place to start, given that the conditioning period is shorter of the various types of triphazers.

Thanks Ken - I already have the 4.0 I put into a signal processor loop on my preamp - I may try the speaker unit next.