Trip to NYC, What to do

Hi all,

Heading to NYC and was wondering if anyone has some suggestions for some audiophile to dos in the big apple. Looking forward to hearing from you guys, thanks.
You left out Innovative Audio if you like Wilson and esp if you want to hear with VTL, D'agostino, MSB, Spectral, Naim, Berkeley Audio Design, EMM Labs, Meridian, Lamm, Spiral Groove and more, also---------
Stereo Exchange downtown with a very large selection and other smaller specialty shops like Ears Nova, In Living Stereo (Shindo, Leben), High Water Sound, Robert Lighton Audio (Audio Note) and others. If you are an audiophile and come to NY, you should look up the dealer section of the manufacturer or distributor of any component which you want to hear and go to the shop to hear it.
If you're there on Monday 2/25 and you like contemporary instrumental guitar, check out Oz Noy.

Sort of Hendrix meets McLaughlin with a dash of T. Monk.
He always has stellar sidemen and he never disappoints (well, he's 4-for-4 with shows I've seen).
Probably the three most famous jazz clubs in the world - Bluenote, Village Vanguard and Birdland. How can you pick just one....?
Skip Peter Lugers and go to any Brazilian Churrascaria in Manhattan. Every imaginable prime cut, the wait staff walk around with 4 foot skewers and carve off slabs of hanger steak, skirt steak, saratogas, flatirons, shoulder london broil, fitet (continuous table service). Lot of fun. Chinese Dim Sum for Sunday Brunch is similar, steamed or fried dumplings served from steam carts. Decent dance clubs and alot great afterwork dance parties. What's your musical taste?