Trip to NYC, What to do

Hi all,

Heading to NYC and was wondering if anyone has some suggestions for some audiophile to dos in the big apple. Looking forward to hearing from you guys, thanks.
go to acadamy records and Cds off of 18st.between 5th ave and 6th...excellent prices...
In Living Stereo (Shindo/Devore), Stereo Exchange. I would go to the websites of your favorite gear or gear that you are courious about and see if they have dealers in NYC. Many will be represented. I think Audio Note now has a dealer in NY.
Pickup a copy of the Village Voice and see what acts are playing where. Then, figure out which acts you want to see and go see some live music.
The high-end stores are not as many as years ago and the displays are limited. Singer is closed, Park Ave Audio is a far reduced space. Stereo Exchange is ok and Innovative is in Brooklyn.
See some live music.
Yep. Live music, nice woman, booze, Irridium Jazz, Beacon Theatre, Radio City, Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Centre, night clubs, lounges, hookah...
Publish your fun and stop being so audiophile:-)
Live music. Start at Carnegie Hall. Then Lincoln Center. Then the better known jazz clubs. Then whatever else.

Lyric audio on Lexington avenue is worth a stop if you must visit a home audio store.
By all means, search out music, especially the Coca Cola Club at Lincoln Center. Now a warning. Don't even think about seeking out a gear shop like Lyric or Singer. It will spoil the trip. But, if you must, bring your bank book showing at least $100K, as it required to be let in. No bank book, then just visit the Stereo Exchange on lower Broadway. Also in that area is a store that has Tannoy's big units, seldom to be heard outside New York City. Have fun.
I went to Singer Sound and they let me listen to the Magico Minis for 30 min and other speakers. While they were a bit stuck up, they did let me audition speakers. Ps. I looked homeless and told them I was not buying anything.
My favorite place to visit is the museums. MOMA is the mecca for art. Seven floors of jaw dropping art. Usually two or three hours is enough for me. The Met is having a very nice Matise exhibit right now.
Time Square at night and daytime is great. I love to walk the streets for miles people watching. Central Park in the spring and the summer should not be missed. Find some good restaurants.
Recent faves: Jim Campilongo at the Living Room every Monday night...brilliant guitar player and NOT an expensive show. Arturo O'Farrill's Latin Jazz Sundays at Birdland...absolutely mind blowing kick ass big band, perhaps the world's best. Look in the NY Times list of stuff, or the New Yorker.
I've been to Lyric twice and both times found the gentleman working there to be friendly and helpful.

Of course, there was nobody else there at the time looking to drop megabucks, so I probably timed it right.

Seriously though, they had a wide range of gear at all price points, including entry level "high end", like NAD, etc.

The shop reminded me of the old Tech Hifi I used to work in, which was an audio mecca at the time back then circa 1978 or so, though the most expensive gear there these days cost way more than anything sold back then, even with inflation factored in I would say. That's progress I suppose......
Wow. We up here in the Great White North are serious losers. Just confirming, I already knew.
Make sure you hit the Blue Note in Harlem. Singer has reopened in a new location on the second floor of some building.
I would stay away from audio stores and search for used vinyl for my audiophile fix. Plenty of live music to choose from. The Iridium Jazz Cub is adjacent to a hotel that me and my wife stayed in, great way to save on cab fare. Avoid the overpriced deli's and dine at Peter Luger(Brooklyn or LI)steak house. For entertainment skip the tourist theater scene and hit the "Big A" for an afternoon of thoroughbred racing in the Equestris Room. If you make some money treat yourself and add another tweek to your system!
Westsider REcords worth a stop especially if jazz and classical recordings are your cup of tea.
Combine "audiophile to do's" with some live music.

-Buy a copy (if you dont have it already) of Bill Evan's "Waltz For Debby". Fantastic set recorded at the Village Vanguard. Then, when in NYC go hear some music at the VV and be amazed at how well that record captures the sound of that venue. It will be obvious no matter who the live act is.

-Go hear some music at Carnegie Hall and at the Met to experience really good (CH) and great (Met) live sound.

-Then, to hear what somebody's misguided idea of what a modern hall should sound like go to Avery Fisher Hall. Just kidding, skip this one.

-If you want to hear a superlative modern hall go across the river to Newark NJ and hear some music at NJPAC.

Have fun!
Another vote for Village Vanguard.

I've been there (heard Lou Donaldson there) and can envision it like Frogman says when listening to Coltrane Live at the VV.
Smoke. Intimate jazz club on Broadway and 106th street.
The NYC audio shops are no places for tire-kickers. Have a steak at Peter Lugers, get some Chinese food at 69 Bayard Street in Chinatown, have lunch or dinner at Gotham Bar and Grill and then go home. There's nothing much else of value here. IMO.
Ditto Village Voice. Hope you're staying long enough just to do what's below 14th Street. Go to Lyric and Singer and tell them you have a limited budget of around $75k because of the construction you're doing on your listening room. They will be real nice to you...
If you can swing it visit Smalls at 183 W 10th St.
****Have a steak at Peter Lugers, get some Chinese food at 69 Bayard Street in Chinatown, have lunch or dinner at Gotham Bar and Grill and then go home. There's nothing much else of value here. IMO. ****

Are you serious?
The last time I dined at Peter Lugers I don't believe they accepted credit cards. Also, you must eat a pastrami sandwich at a deli. I'm not sure why Chayro said not to but that's just bad advice. Heck, I'd even do it at the Carnegie Deli just to be thoroughly disgusted at the portion size.

I would check out B&H Photo. It's impressive.
Peter Lugers only takes their own credit card. Two people, two bills and worth every dollar. Don't get better. Stage Deli for deli, but Pastrami King in Merrick has the best pastrami I've ever tasted. Used to be in Queens by the courthouse. Way out of your way, but good to know if you go visiting. Pizza at Johns' on Bleeker, or Rays on 7th ave and 12th. Zabars, lox and a million other gastro wonders. BTW, there are oodles of killer pizza joints. St Marks Pl. for Indian. Cheap, (American) hot, and Indian hot, but make sure you know the nearest medical center. St Marks Pl will put you in the thick of things. Soho= Nobu. Sushi to die for. Expensive, but beautiful to behold before eating. Chefs menu is to die for. With Saki you're talking way over $300. Worth every dime if you have the $$, though you can do killer sushi very cheap, as well. Pickles to die for down on Essex. Sylvias for soul food up in Harlem. Harlem has changed, big time. Buy New York mag and you'll be kept busy. Great food in the Big Apple is expensive and inexpensive. It's called competition.
Singer and Lyric are state of the art. Ear candy, but they will size you up. Where a Rolex, Santoni shoes, Stichs jeans and a Ferragamo or Canali leather jacket with a Loro Piana white scarf and you will hear the big boys. Worth checking it out, just to say you've been there. Big sound, big dollars, big speakers, and big selection. Did I leave out a big? Have a ball. Pig, jazz it up, and hope the Beacon has something going on.
If you're there on Monday 2/25 and you like contemporary instrumental guitar, check out Oz Noy.

Sort of Hendrix meets McLaughlin with a dash of T. Monk.
He always has stellar sidemen and he never disappoints (well, he's 4-for-4 with shows I've seen).
WOW, great response keep em coming!! THanks guys.
You left out Innovative Audio if you like Wilson and esp if you want to hear with VTL, D'agostino, MSB, Spectral, Naim, Berkeley Audio Design, EMM Labs, Meridian, Lamm, Spiral Groove and more, also---------
Stereo Exchange downtown with a very large selection and other smaller specialty shops like Ears Nova, In Living Stereo (Shindo, Leben), High Water Sound, Robert Lighton Audio (Audio Note) and others. If you are an audiophile and come to NY, you should look up the dealer section of the manufacturer or distributor of any component which you want to hear and go to the shop to hear it.
Probably the three most famous jazz clubs in the world - Bluenote, Village Vanguard and Birdland. How can you pick just one....?
Google: NYC Club Calendar
Skip Peter Lugers and go to any Brazilian Churrascaria in Manhattan. Every imaginable prime cut, the wait staff walk around with 4 foot skewers and carve off slabs of hanger steak, skirt steak, saratogas, flatirons, shoulder london broil, fitet (continuous table service). Lot of fun. Chinese Dim Sum for Sunday Brunch is similar, steamed or fried dumplings served from steam carts. Decent dance clubs and alot great afterwork dance parties. What's your musical taste?
Even if yr not a fan of Brazilian music, if you feel like having a great time, check out SOB's (Sounds Of Brazil). I took my Georgia born'n'bred southern belle galpal (country gal thru and thru!) and she had a great time. Whether you go to eat, drink, and watch I'd be surprised if you didn't wind up fist-pumpin' on the floor, it's infectious!! Not to mention they usually book great bands!
Hanger Steak, skirt steak? over Peter Lugers porterhouse for two? You got to be kidding. I'm not turning this in to foodiegon, but Brazilian is drop dead great and inexpensive, however, the meat is the shittiest known to man. Why to you think it is so cheap. I go Brazil more than PLs, but if you have the $$, please taste greatness. Their sides (cream spinach etc)can't be touched and their schlagg? I'm getting hungry. The waiters? Now that's another story. MAYBE you better stay with negro..mmmmmm
Going to NYC isn't like visiting to visit Aunt Emma in Podank, USA
New York offers EVERYTHING.You just need the money and time to enjoy it all.

Warrenh you brought back memories.

True, Podunk is nicer.
Warren: Ditto on the waiters at Lugers (no part time models/ actresses or other eye candy). Try the steak and eggs weekend brunch at Yuca Bar: Ave A & 9th (Brazilian) Gets crowded and noisey so get a seat in the small room. Go on a 1/2 day fishing trip out of Sheepsheadbay and then seafood dinner at Randazzo's or one of the mega Russian resturaunts. Go to the Russian sauna on 10th between 1st and A.
NYC woman love to measure the size of your wallet.
Marakanetz, you cannot be a New Yorker. That's the first worthless statement on this thread. Watching too much TV? Sex in the City?
Nah Walking too much there LOL!
They count how bedrooms/baths you have for tube rolling
Women measured the size of something else and turned him down. His ego told him it must have been the wallet.. HA
...and yes after 20 years living in this messy city I've realized what Warrenh just said.
I like Warrenh's mention of creamed spinach. No dry aged cut of beef is right without a nice side of creamed spinach. Finish your meal with creme brûlée and you might sleep 'till noon the next day.

The secret is dry aged. That's when beef grows from the same old to the very best, most flavorful.
Dfelkai-How did the trip to NYC turn out? I'm sure others are also curious.
High Line Park