Trios “Chapel” Live - Lloyd, Frisell, Morgan

The last few days, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying this album and its “Ocean” counterpart.  On the “Chapel” album, and particularly on the track, “Dorothea’s Studio”, I’m hearing what sounds to me like the type of distortion I used to get back in the day when I was new to tape recording and was running the VU meters waaaay into the red.  Has anyone else familiar with this album noticed the same?  I was thinking maybe my tubes were going bad but I’m hearing the same on my other, solid state, system…


Just gave “Dorothea’s Studio" a listen. The "distortion" on Lloyd's sax, that spitty, crackly sound is common to saxophones when played quietly.  There was a thread some years ago wondering about the same sound on "So What" from "Kind of Blue". It can be heard on both Coltrane's and Adderley's saxophones. I think it may also be an artifact of close microphone placement. It does sound quite a bit like common forms of distortion.

I have a nephew who is a budding audiophile. As he has improved his system to be more resolving he wondered about the same sounds. I would put this type of sound in the same category as a guitar player's fingers sliding on strings and piano stools creaking.  

I have never heard that sound from Gregory Tardy when he plays with Bill.  Great clips on YouTube!  New cd coming out soon...

This is going to become a wonderful series for us Jazz Hounds.


Happy Listening!