Triode wire or audio quest

Hello could use some insights on these brands audio quest and triode wire going to cable whole system amp,preamp intreconnets,speaker,power cord,turntable thanks
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I'm not familiar with Audioquest but Triode Wire Labs makes excellent cables and Pete is one of the best. As you probably know, he
offers a 30 day trial. 
Triode Wire Labs.  I use a full loom in my main system.  Fairly priced, 30 day trial period and you can talk to the owner himself.
I had latest Audioquest tornado power cables and eventually replaced them all with Triode wire labs high power digital and obsession cords that sounded more natural and refined than Audioquest. Also the TWL speaker cables are terrific. They have great dynamics, PRAT and natural tone. In my system they bested latest  Wireworld  Silver Eclipse 8 speaker cables by a large margin. Great cables , great service and prices. Soon I will have for demo the Audience AU24 SX speaker cables that almost 4 times higher in price than TWL speaker cables. We will see what happen once I get the Audience.
Just thought I'd mention that Cardas makes the wire that Audioquest uses.
Earlier this year, I took advantage of MusicDirect's closeout prices and wired my B&W/Rotel system with Audioquest (King Cobra, Rocket 44, NRG-4's) on the cheap. It only took me three months to realize I didn't like it. It was veiled, bright, and dull -- tonally bleached. Fortunately, I scrapped the entire thing and now have Acoustic Zen cabling in the system which desperately returned the warmth, balance, and body I needed.
If you're strictly limiting to between those two, then TWL.  You should also take a look at Audio Sensibility and at Duelund (grannyring/Audio BBQ).
TWL is very good, especially for the price.  Hard to beat in the same price range.  Audience Au24 SX is in another league.  More expensive than TWL, but definitely sounds better.  I've used both TWL and Audience extensively to know that for a fact.
Hello thanks for all help I’m just would like to the right set of cables from a reliable source. Plus not break the bank 
FYI...I just heard from my Audioquest dealer today that Audioquest is going to have a 10% price increase on feb 1st due to the tariffs.

I own and use both in my system.  I personally think that the TWL digital cables are really something special.


Why don't you just call Pete on the phone and talk to him?  Also go over to Audio Circle and talk to users in his area of the forum. 
Hello that’s exactly what I’ll do he is a great guy . I talked to him a capital audio fest . sure we will come to the right choice for my system . Thanks for the response from the forum. Scooter

Glad you got to meet and talk to him and I think you will be pleased.
I vote for TWLs, having the -

pair of RCA ICs,
pair of XLR ICs,

and a "digital american" power cord that I use on my
transport to tame the top end digital glare.

But ...... if I had a really flat sounding system, I would probably go with the Aquest.
Its all about synergy, right?
hello I went full out with twl .there really nice and sound is great 
 Just curious what components you are using with the TWLs? 

Ive found the TWLs sound good with Bel Canto Class D DAC and amps, the SPDIF tames my SimAudio CDP upper frequencies, and the ICs mate really well with Zu Audio speakers. 

I haven’t tried the TWL Speaker cables yet ....
i have a Mc 275 ,Conrad Johnson Et3se ,vpi scout with sound Smith zephyr star mc ,scansonic mb 6 speakers Gik sound treatment.