Triode Wire Labs 10 power cord upgraded vs 10+

I'm interested to find out from anyone who's had Pete do an upgrade if there was any appreciable sonic differences between the upgraded cord and the Plus model. I'm familiar with the current 10+, which is great even at only 70 hrs burnin. Thanks,
I have one of his cords that I'm considering sending back for an upgrade(the Eight). Have not done it yet. As with all burn in/ break-in of power cords, your sound will change several times throughout the process.
I had an 8 and really liked it. I sent it to Pete for the upgrade to 8+. It is simply a better cord. More detail; better imaging, soundstage and transparency - without losing the organic fullness and solidity.
I had original 8's and sent them back for the upgrade. Yes, there is a sonic improvement in transparency and extension in both directions. The sound got tighter and kept that smoothness that makes these cords special. You will have to burn it in again though.

Well worthwhile IMO.
Agree with the above posters. My 8's were upgraded. Glad I did it.