Triode TRV A300SER Integrated


I am quite interested in this integrated amp and wonder if anyone is using TRI products? and you thoughts on their sound and quality?

In addition has anyone compared this unit to other 300b integrated amps? thanks

I'm just in the middle of a reviewing process of 300b based intergrated and single chassis push/pull amps for my website I prefer not to mention the names of the companies that I have auditioned so far, but I'll give you the hands down winner to this point is the Melody 300b intergrated, great build quality, uses 6SN7's as driver tubes for the 300b's which I believe adds to the magic of what 300b's can give you, is tube rectified, and is one of the best amps regardless of price I have ever had in my system. It's very reasonably priced at 6K.

If you go to Angel City Audio you could get more details on this amp and Hugh could answer any questions you might have regarding Melody and this piece.

When will this review be published?
Hi Charles1dad,

My first review in a series should come out in the next couple of months. So far the Melody 300b is the most beautiful sounding amp I might have ever had in my house! It's out performing my preamp and mono-blocks that retail for over 35k. Amazing indeed.

The Melody 300b is a nice amplifier, but somehow has a lifeless sound to it, as do a number of those amplifiers built in China which all have in common nice shiny looks, be it automotive black or shiny chrome. Unfortunately, many of those brands sound the same too.

Past the usual and expected sound characteristics of the tubes themselves, there is unfortunately not much to get excited about. Where's the excitement ?

If I had to choose an eastern-built product, I would tend to go with tried-and-true 300-B Cayin, been around for ages and provides honest sound for the dollar, with decent resale value in case you don't like it. I heard this amp on numerous occasions, and it is quite impressive.
I'm a serious lover of acoustic jazz and music via my 300b amp is the most
natural and realistic I''ve ever heard. I use the sublime Takatsuki 300b
tube. I look forward to your review.
So again any direct reviews or thoughts on the product mentioned? Teejay, would love to know your thoughts on this TRI amp if you have reviewed it or heard it.....I hear good things about the Melody but this A300SER has specific features which I want, built in mm phono-stage and headphone jack.

It looks very well thought out and built but still wanted to know people's first hand experience.
I am somewhat uneducated to your preferences and writings but I seem to remember reading one of your reviews where you stated you are not really a 'tube guy."
Is this true? and if so, that speaks volumes for this amp from a SS guy...
I guess hearing a review of a tube amp from a SS guy writing to the HT crowd, I am wondering how much experience you have with tubes?
I have no angle here, just don't know your reviews and experience... Would you consider yourself more HT based and getting into reviewing tubes now?
Ultimately it`s a matter of trusting your ears rather than being a SS or tube guy. Given the type of music Teajay listens to it relies heavily on natural tone and harmonics to make it sound realistic.When you hear those acoustic(mostly) instruments in the hands of jazz greats,you`ll know when it sounds right.