Triode TRV-35SE tube integrated amp

I listened to a Triode TRV-35SE tube integrated amp today at my dealer (using my Grado SR-325i headphones). I am a "tube virgin" so decided to try out the tube sound. The midrange was pretty laid back, the highs were good but on some CDs the cymbal crashes were kind of missing, the bass was full and plenty. Yet I did hear some details in the music I'd never heard before, yet, at the same time, I felt like I was missing some of the details I was used to hearing in places. All in all, it seemed mellow but not very energetic but not entirely to my taste.

Is this typical of tubes? Would a combination of tube preamp and solid-state amp make the sound more lively and detailed, or does this mean I'm pretty much a solid state guy?
I have listened to this amp (and looked at it - its s beautiful!). I tried it with Rogers LS2a/2 speakers and with Wilson Audio bookshelf and with Sennheiser HD650s. I think the sound is typical of the amp rather and yes, the amp has a tube quality about it (as compared to solid state at the same price). One great way of hearing the 'sound' of different tubes is to compare the TRV-35SE with its sister the TRV-88SE. The 35 uses EL34 tubes and the KT uses KT88 tubes. The 88 sounds more detailed and has better control of bass but its not quite as engaging/warm. I thought the TRV-88SE was a little boring. I think that the exceptional feature of the 35SE amp is its sound, especially its non fatiguing quality. It is not super energetic but I thought the bass was a little poorly defined sometimes but other reviews have not seemed to notice this. Its not expensive but its not toy prices either and there is plenty of competition at its price. I think it also suffers from boutique pricing and could be cheaper.
I thought the headphone amp was great and I would have been very happy with it. However I ended up buying a Grace Audio m903 as a headphone amp and to use as a preamp. (By the time it arrived I sold the power amp so I have not heard the Grace pre amp function!)
As for the question is this the tube sound? Hard to say. Yes, its a tube amp and yes it is warm and engaging. But in contrast if you listen to the top preamps by ARC I would not describe their sound as tube sound as more like fantastic sound, accurate and detailed. The TRV-35SE does not sound like that - it sounds like itself.
Hope this helps.
I have the KT88 version but I replaced the stock chinese tubes with JJ's and Electro-harmonix tubes-big difference! I liked the TRV-88SER for its bass and punchy sound. Upgrading the tubes makes a world of difference. Solid state amps just wont image the way a tube amp can...its a difference you can hear as well as feel. If you go to youtube you can find videos myself and others have made of the amp. I recommend it. The TRV-35SE is a nice amp-but lacking in Bass I find, not as punchy. Perhaps just a personal preference?
I purchased TRV-35 SE. I am really impressed by the sound quality that it is producing. It is the best match with my Sonus speakers and turntable with separate phono stage. I think the people who have ear will definetly like it. This the best ever in my audio history.


some people don't like because it is excellent if it is compared with any of the amplifier in the world.

Everyone must go and buy it.