This is the power cord mainly associated with Comcast Cable box or some Home-theatre integrated amps, in my case the Panasonic SA-XR700. Both these units have that figure 8 type plug (C7). I always thought ,why the heck do they make a plug like this? Why not just a regular plug like everything else. How am I suppose to upgrade this goofy thing? Well, find a cable maker who already has a great reputation and ask. I found Pete of Triode Wire Labs fame. He made me up a pair of 5 foot C7 power cords,one being a 12 AWG the other a 14 AWG.
I was lucky enough to pick up a Pioneer 60" Plasma a few weeks before Pioneer decided to stop making these glorious picture TV's so my picture quality has always been outstanding. The C7 14 gauge power cord attached to my Comcast cable box just maximized my picture quality to a vivid, cleaner, deeper colors event. The picture is so dimensional now without using any 3D glasses
The pleasant surprise also that came with the gorgeous picture was the sound now coming out of the TV. I realize it is not a stereo system but the sound from the speaker bar at the bottom of the TV was always lacking in separation and detail. It was now shining through albeit to a lesser degree from the main stereo rig but at least now the annunciation of somebody speaking was clearly evident.
Onto the Panasonic SA-XR700 with the C7 12 gauge Triode Wire power cord. As nice as this digital amp is, the stock power cord should be replaced. In every aspect of the audio spectrum, the Triode C7 excelled compared to the stock cord the Panny came with. Every parameter you can mention or think of has been improved. I should probably give some credit to the Vapor Audio Cirrus speakers that this C7 power cord was feeding the power into but make no mistake about the significance that this cord produced compared to the stock PC provided by Panasonic.
I know Pete from Triode Wire is running an introductory price of $199 for these C7 power cords. Do yourself a favor and pick up one. It might be the best $199 you ever spent for either your picture quality or for your Home theatre Processor if it uses a C7 plug.
I have no affiliation with Triode Wire Labs
I have a couple of Pete's cords. They are very nice and not only for the money. They fair well against cords costing much more.
Pete is a real nice guy and a pleasure to deal with.

I'm sampling his new 7 gauge cord. It is his best cord yet. Very smooth, quiet, detailed, but in a relaxed natural way.
You can also use a figure 8 to IEC adapter and use any cord you want.
There's a recent rave review over at Positive Feedback on these cables.
I bought 2 new Triode Wire Labs cords, 12awg and 10awg in US version 15a IEC, and i really love them; they sound very clean and detailed in a great way. I highly recommend TWL p/c to any entry level ($5k) to mid systems ($15k). I was very skeptical, but ev1 in here who tried TWL and recommended were absolutely right. Thanks guys. Sadly to new guys, I hardly see them on used market.
Hi Nasaman

With the 2 new TWL cords you purchased what pieces of equipment did you put them on?
I wasn't a huge fan of Pete's original cables, feeling although they had excellent tone, they mute leading edge attack too much, but his new line is a whole other beast!

I've got four of them in use in my rig right now and they've done great thins for my rig. Has my highest recommendation for A/C cords and are a hi-fi bargain.