Triode Lab 2A3S - Any Insights?

Hi Fellas,
I've been looking at a Triode Labs 2A3S SET tube amp to run a pair of Klipsch Heresy 3's.  I also have a Benchmark DAC3 and Rogue RP-7 pre in the chain. I have a few sources in the mix as well.

My shelf space is limited so I can't use a bigger amp like a XA25, which was my first choice.  That said, SET's have been something I was looking at trying as I think they should play well with the Heresy's. The Triode Labs sizing is exactly perfect for the shelf I have available, and I think I can afford it. I don't seem to find much info on these in the wild, so I'f love to hear from anyone with experience on these amps.

Thanks in advance!
In one word Fantastic! My good friend Teajay (now the reviewer)  has the 2A3 by Triode Lab and we both think it is excellent. 
Triode Lab makes excellent products.  I own a pair of 45 monoblocks and they are really wonderful.  And if you live in the U.S. their products are a bargain because of the exchange rate between the Canadian and US dollar.

If I had a comment it would be that these guys offer too many variations of the same product, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Thanks for the input.  I really like the sizing for my shelf I have available.  If the sound is excellent, then that's just icing on the cake.  I figure with the Heresy's I should have enough volume to be happy with that low of an output. 

I have enjoyed my Triode 2A3 FFX mono amps for a few years. Going to sell here shortly as I'm getting out of the tube game for simplicity sake. 
i too have an FFX 2a3 2019 build with Hashimoto transformers. The FFX build spec is super high and sounds great using Hashimoto Transformers is astounding results.  In any amp the transformers make the amp.  

Can anyone offer an opinion on which tube (amp) from Triode Labs offers the “sweetest” SET sound? The amp needs to be dead quiet as well. I have 107 dB efficient Avantgarde Duo XD and am looking forward to your thoughts.

Thank you.
@joeinid The answer to your question depends on your ears. Some guys like the 300b. I'm not a fan. I like 45 tubes. Others don't. The 2A3 is somewhere in between. If I had to pick the best sounding SET amp I ever heard it would probably be an AD1 amp built by Thomas Meyer. It was an extremely seductive sound.

If you want more information, this guy has a great website:


Thank you very much. I really appreciate the link and additional information.
We have a small group of low power SET tube amps to use for demonstrating our speakers. The amps are designed for 45, 2A3, 300B, EL84 and GM70 tubes. The 2A3 tube amps are Triode Lab monoblocks. The 45 amps and Triode Lab 2A3 amps are our preferred amps for our system. The Triode Lab 2A3 amps are what we used at the last two audio shows we did and is what we are using at AXPONA (if it takes place). They are wonderful amps. We have no involvement with the company. We use their amps because of SQ, they are dead quiet and reliable. BTW, Frank is easy to work with.

Thank you for your response. Can you please tell me the model Triode amp in the photos of the link you posted?

 I bet that setup sounds great.

The Triode amps we use are the 2A3M Canadian with a few upgrades. The upgraded including Hashimoto 2A3 power transformer, Teflon sockets, Cardas binding posts and better caps. I guess they are somewhere between the 2A3M Canadian and the 2A3M-FFX. There are several good tubes available. I prefer the EML tubes for our system.

Thanks, we think so :) A high sensitivity OB line array is a rare bird. 
I have enjoyed my Triode Lab 2A3M amps very much. They compare very favorably to Mastersound and Audion amps that I have owned in the past. Differences are that they are quieter and more dependable, while still emotionally engaging. Great value SETs.
Thank you gentlemen. I appreciate the feedback.
I must add, Frank is very accommodating and can configure his amps to your needs. I never met him in person but communicating through email was never a problem. I would not hesitate buying more amps from Triode Lab.