Triode Corporation on Japan

I would appreciate feedback on the Triode Corporation of Japan tube electronics. Thank You.
Great electronics. Very impressive visually and most important sonically. Followed my gut and bought blindly. Glad I did. I have the parallel 300B monobloc amps and the se preamp paired with omega maxhemp single driver speakers. Went from ss electronics paired with piega c-8ltd and have not looked back. Miss some aspects of the piega system but for the most part this system really satisfies, especially with acoustic music.
If you may be open to new ideas, I would very highly recommend a line of tube components from I am partial to them since we import these from Europe however, I have received some amazing feedback from those that have compared these against some very expensive components.

best of luck
I have a Triode TRV845se integrated amp and just love it. It has 5 inputs with one of them switchable from se to balanced. They have massive transformers and, though rated at 20wpc, this amp effortless drives 88db speakers to very loud but clean listening levels in a 20' x 25' listening room. Frequency response is very flat including down into the sub 40 hz domain with enough thump without too no mushiness in the low frequency reproduction. The wonderful tube sound is still there though. 
My only complaint is the remote is not very robust.