Triode Corp or Line Magnetic?

Decisions, decisions.  I've been researching a few tube options, two of them being Triode Corporation out of Japan and Line Magnetic, but supposedly, Line Magnetic have a tendency to run very hot but then again I don't know since I don't have any experience with them.  

Another brand that comes to mind is Cayin, Decware and Raven Audio, I have a budget of $3500 give or take...

Anyone care to chime in?  Thanks in advance~ 
I have  a Line Magnetic518ia (845 based tube integrated as part of my main system's amplifier "options" . My room is 28x20x10 so reasonably large. Unless I get right next to the 518 there's no heat to feel from the 845s and the amp itself is nor hot. Just my experience
They're both superbly made lines. Robert Lee, the designer of Acoustic Zen, uses Triode Corp as his reference components; his speakers are voiced with them in mind.

LM is globally lauded.
It all depends on what speakers you're driving and what wattage they need. TC are best with sensitive speakers.