Trio Tre Bien

This is a group that I just re-discovered. Although I heard this group some time ago, they slipped through the cracks of my memory and got lost. Now they're on my top play list. This CD "Coming Together" by the Trio Tre Bien is flawless, and I've only given this high praise to one other album. Every cut on this CD is tops. The musicians are: Jeter Thompson on keyboards, Harold Thompson, bass; Howard Thompson, drums. While none of the names are well known, the music is world class.

For me, this music is like the breath of fresh air I so desperately needed. Although my collection consists of the best of the best in jazz, hearing the same music for the umpteenth time can get old. The music on "Coming Together" flowed from one cut to the next in a manner that never lost my attention, and the sonics were spectacular. Recently, although the music is fine, "sonics" are sadly lacking on my new acquisitions of old music. This music is on par with my old music, but it's not old music, that explains the spectacular sonics; I'll describe them.

Vibes were ringing out of the center channel, with drums thumping on the left, while a solid bass pounded on the right; and all the while there was a holographic integrity to the music as a whole, this was all the way live. "Sonics", plus the music I love, is so rare. It went from wildly exotic and exhilarating, to deeply personal and introspective. That's when it connected to some long ago forgotten corner of my mind.

Rok has often mentioned gospel's connection to jazz; whether or not you have ever heard a gospel record in your life, or even know what Gospel is, you can feel it's presence in some of this music; it has a very moving emotional impact. These musicians, through their music, communicate who they are.

As much as I listen to music, and as much music as I've listened to, it's not easy for a group of musicians to keep me entertained for 73 minutes without losing my attention. That's how long this CD was and I truly enjoyed every last minute. Since this music is too current for my present group of aficionado buddies, I decided to post it separately. The music on this CD is so far above anything I found on "You tube" by them in the past, I decided not to post a "You tube". This CD is Trio Tres Bien; "Coming Together".

Enjoy the music.