Trigger Happy Negative Feedback

I was just checking out a forum that I posted on (Symphony Recommendations) to see what other people had to say. So I went over to My Page, and noticed that I had a new piece of feedback.

Much to my dismay, it was a NEGATIVE feedback from a guy I had never even dealt with! The feedback says: "No good. Sent 2 emails to buy his stuff. Never replied. Good luck with him."

First, I never got his e-mails. Whether this was because of a problem with AudiogoN's e-mail system or my Hotmail account, I have no idea. But I never got them. I am usually very good about responding to all inquiries, even those really annoying low-ball offers.

Second, his e-mails were sent the 22nd and 23rd. He left feedback on the 23rd. I didn't even check my e-mail for most of the day on the 22nd!

Is it me, or is this just an unacceptable flippant use of the feedback system? I've found user feedback to be incredibly valuable in the past, and I pride myself on the fact that all of my feedback is positive. Now I've got this ridiculous piece of negative feedback from some guy who has NONE of his own feedback! ARGH!!!!

Please let me know if I'm in the wrong here... I just think this kind of trigger happy use of feedback is detrimental to this wonderful community and should be addressed before it turns into a real problem.

PS - Is there any way to get that negative feedback OFF MY PROFILE?!?
Bummer, but this brings up a related question I have had about gon'. Anybody can leave feedback, bad, good, OR irrelevent. Not only can someone leave undeserved negative feedback, as with Ewha, one can also leave inflated positive feedback. Can i be decieved by false positive feedback to send a scammer money? This has happened to me on ebay (before they changed feedback rules), to the tune of $1200, along with 10 or so others. Is it time for Audiogon to enlist rules for feedback like ebay?
Let Audiogon know about this & they will remove it. It is an unacceptable use of the feedback system but people do it anyway. It is not transactionally related so it should have not been posted.

You showed a lot of class Ewha for not posting a retaliatory response. Good job.
I read the feedback. That's down right mean. Talk to a-gon they will remove it since you never had a deal with this guy
I agree with the above comments too, but let's not give up on a system that mostly works pretty darn well. I'd for sure want to work something out with Audiogon, and also know something about the guy that left the negative feedback-- maybe he got you mixed up with someone else and it was a sort of honest mistake? Good Luck. Craig
Well, I e-mailed the guy privately, and tried to tell him that this was just not acceptable. He wasn't exactly receptive. Not hostile, or defensive, or rude about it, but he wrote:

"I didn't say ANYTHING that wasn't true. I offered to buy your DAC twice, and there was no reply. How was one to know which was which? It was a very mild a negative, and I stand by it.

I have my definition of courtesy and you have yours. In my book, not finding a way to read email when one has an offer out on the web isn't particularly good business practice."

Whatever... I copied and forwarded to him the Audiogon rules for feedback, and his response was, well you can ask them to take it off now. Still have not received any sort of apology.

Well, thanks for your comments and support everyone. Time to move on! Happy listening everyone!

Somehow I clearly see that all adds have to have features to close the transaction on-line and only after transaction is closed on-line there can be feedback left for audiogon menber.

If it's non-auction add and the buyer agrees onto the price he/she must imediately choose "BUY AT OFFERED PRICE" and the ad becomes automatically closed. This action will mean a commitment to complete purchase/sale from... to... participating members. Buyer has to have also a possibility to offer a different price wich later-on can be reviewed by seller and if seller accepts offered price he can choose "ACCEPT OFFERED PRICE" and the ad becomes automatically closed for completing a transaction between members. Certainly in any case after the ad had be closed it can only be displayed for a couple of days and than go to the completed ad section that is separated from the active ads.

There should be some re-listing guidelines specified(for no extra-charge) especially if something went wong: i.e. seller specified that he/she will not ship outside US and had an overseas customer that accepted offered price and certainly made the classified(or dealer-demo)ad non-active; or simply if buyer refused to complete a transaction.

If the seller refuses to complete a transaction for no reson the price for a new listing must be charged even if the same item is being re-listed.

This way the classified ads will be more as a contract and someway first-come-first-serve bases giving less possibility to refuse to complete the transaction and also bind feedbacks to ads as it's been done on ebay.

The auction ad can be simply identical to ebay in terms of leaving a feedback.

The above propositions can realy be done within short period of time and will be convenient for all of us.
Hi, If the transaction did not go through, the person cannot post a feedback for you.

Audiogon rules states that feedback can only be on a COMPLETED TRANSACTION. Let Audiogon know the details of the transaction and they'll be the judge.
Marakanetz I completly agree. Check out my recent post Suggestion for buying and selling on the site in Misc Audio. Audiogon talks about a new system that will do just as you mentioned. Give it a read and tell them what you think of their proposed new system.
This may be of some assistance.
Somehow it does't seem right.I was always under the impression goods and money had to change hands for feedback. At that rate--well I won't go there. I've never left a negative for anybody;even tho I've had a few"not-as-described" transactions.--Nothing major. This guy takes "trigger-happy negative feedback" to a SAD-LEVEL. He needs to focus on more important things!