Trifonic - Emergence, Song - Infiltration; Sound Emerges "Spontaneously" from Rear Wall

Hello All,

Trifonic - Emergence, Song - Infiltration 1 min 48 sec In Rear Wall Sonic "Emergence"

This album is absolutely outstanding and the engineering is stellar (crispness, soundstage and tight bass all in a very organic, not at all digitized, wrapper). Please audition this song in particular and see if you experience what I have never heard in another album. This was heard in a "golden dimension" listening room to Stereophile spec. Two newer spaces didn't produce it with the same jaw dropping "Whaaaaaaaa" (second space not optimal and third the Apogees were put in storage and replaced with Martin Logan ElectroMotion ESLs). Apogee Acoustic Duetta Signature Series II Magnetostatic planar dipoles driven by BAT VK-500 amp and VK-3i preamp with very thick gauge, pure copper speaker cables that were produced in the late 80's specifically for these speakers (Pioneer SACD unit - actual cd is Redbook).

Only way I can describe it is a "modulator" sound, when sitting in the sweet spot, that you never hear coming towards you, but it emanates, with strength, out of the rear wall behind you at around 10 o'clock, not to mention it is followed by water dripping from the walls (much like a particular cut on Radiohead's outstanding album King of Limbs). This is not reflection, it is finely engineered. I would really like to get people's input first, if they hear it in a pronounced manner and second, input on how they achieved this sonically. It's an experience that you won't soon forget if the room and components are just right!