Tried the new Sherbourn Amps?

In the market for a multi purpose hi fi/HT amp, and read good things about the new Sherbourn 5/1500. With a great pedigree including Mcintosh behind them, and identical power supply construction to the aclaimed Proceed AMP-5 at less than half the cost, I am dying to hear some experiences. Please advise if you know anything. Thanks
I own the 5-channel HT amp. I have it mated to the Sony TA-E9000ES. This is a killer combo. The amp is awesome and for the money the best value out there. Highly recommended. I got mine for $1450.
Yes, It's a killer for the money with 5x200W, 5 separate transformers (like the Bryston 9BST). Audio magazine Sept 98(I believe) gave it a good review beside just the hometheater magazine from their Web.