Tried the Marantz NA-11S1 Yet

Anyone tried the Marantz NA-11S1 yet? A number of recent reviews indicate that it is pretty darn good overall and especially good with DSD. Own one of these? How complicated is it to setup overall and get it functioning properly on your home network?
No experience.

From what I see it only does 2.8MHz DSD. No 5.6 MHz. For that price I would like to see 5.6 MHz.
Not sure that I have even heard a 5.6 MHZ vs 2.8; how much music is out there in the 5.6 MHZ that can be purchased?
Not much, but it is starting to appear. Of course, there is not even much 2.8Mhz yet either. Just wanted to point out that if DSD is important, this may be a limitation. Other DSD Dacs do handle 5.6KHz.
Some discussion of double DSD capability reported here,