Tried the Grado Statement1?

Have you tried The Grado Statement1 cartridge? I read a review in Positive Feedback where the reviewer said he likes it more than his Dynavector XV-1S. That sounds like serious praise to me! It's tempting, especially since it sells for $3k, that's not cheap but far less than many top-end pieces.
Interesting. It's tempting to try the Grado, especially when you consider that it costs $2,300 less than the XV-1s. And, it's made right here in the good old USA...

What did your Statement1 replace?
It replaced a Grado Sonata
Reviving this thread - I also am a little amazed how there is virtually no talk on the forums about this cartridge, given the rave reviews on TonePub and especially Positive Feedback. The latter seems to talk about it like it's practically the best cartridge ever made. I'm especially interested because he likes it with the Helius Omega tonearm, which is what I've got.

Anyway, would love to hear from anybody out there who's got one. Do these live up to the crazy hype?
I've had many Grado cartridges...knew Joe Grado and have been to his lab/house in Westfield, New Jersey. He really knew what sound he was looking for...he sang with the MET in New York. The latest cartridge I had was the Grado low output Sonata...mounted it on a Rega table...really didn't care for it. I have not heard the Statement, but I suspect it is a much better cartridge.
I love mine. It came as a "throw in" mounted on the arm of a SSM reference table I got used. The seller did not know which model it was and refused to remove it from the arm to look for model number. He just called it an "unknown Grado woodbody cartridge." I removed it and had John Grado confirm what it was after the table arrived. I sounds glorious and has replaced a much more expensive Benz that I had been using. No need to say how well it does playing strings - Grado is known for that, but it is also images beautifully and has excellent imaging and bass detail as well. What I really like is that it "scales well" as my system improves generally in other ways such as adding in new cables and isolation platforms, it reveals only more musical goodness, rather than falling behind as the system improvements reveal more truth. My only concern with it is that I have no idea what to do when it eventually wears out. Grado's website seems to be claiming that retipping is not an option and should not be a problem since they offer "generous" trade-in allowances for buying a new one. Pretty scary stuff. I have been playing the hell out of it since June of 2012 when I got it, and I need to try to get a budget together for that, but I would hope that it can be repaired by one of the retipping shops such as Soundsmith when the time comes. For now, I am just enjoying the sound of a system that now sounds twice as good as I have ever dreamed of owning before, rather than borrowing trouble from the future.