Tried something goofy and it worked out

I have a Micromega M100 as preamp to Parasound A21 feeding some Pioneer (Tad) S-1ex. The M100 is an integrated with 100wpc at 8ohms. The Pios are very revealing speakers and have tons of potential IMO. The Micromega has better mids and highs and the Parasound has lower punchier bass. I had the idea to bi-amp using the Parasound on the lows and Micro on the top end (best of both worlds type of thing). I was thinking it would sound like a mess but damn if it doesn’t sound amazing! Presentation took on a whole new level of effortlessness. No indication to my ear that you are listing to 2 different amps especially ones with slightly different sound signatures. Articulation is just awesome with this setup. Can feel the notes. 
Anyway will listen this way for a while and see if I notice any strange anomalies but so far it’s impressive. 
How do you control the gain differences between the two amps? Got lucky or are you using a crossover? 
The A21 has gain pots. I assumed I would need to adjust but it’s all the way up and it sounds very balanced but I do have that option. 
I did notice when I ran just the Parasound with Micro just as preamp or the Micromega alone I was very close to the same volume on the readout for the same loudness level. 
Thinking I may just hook the Micromega up alone and take an spl on some pink noise at volume of 30. Then do the same with the Parasound and adjust the gain pots until it matches. 
Happy for you. Often times fiddling around works out.