Tricky Room Geometry Question


I am rethinking my system after realizing that I was not going to be moving as planned. My system is in my main room in a smallish house: it is 13 by 15 feet, backed by a stairway to the second floor, and otherwise open to a roughly 10 by 10 foot room. The ceiling is slope, 10 feet in some places, 20 in others. I currently have Thiel 2.4's, but in practice have not been able to position them as recommended (a few feet off of each wall, and 8-9 feet from each other and listener), the room just doesn't allow it. I had bought the Thiel's in anticipation of a move after falling in love with them at the store...but if I am going to be here a few more years at least maybe it is time to rethink. I have a VPI turntable and a Manley Stingray amp. I had planned to replace the amp with something more friendly to the Thiels, but given the room geometry think the opposite approach may be better. I mostly listen to 60's-70's pop music and classical. My budget is probably around $5k. What could fill this weird space but sound good when close to the listener? Any opinions are much appreciated. Thank you.
A Lyngdorf DPA-1 digital preamp with RoomPerfect room correction could well work wonders in a room like yours.

I use one in my large-room system that has a high vaulted ceiling and openings to a hallway, stairway to 2nd floor, and a kitchen opening (all on the same side of the room). After setting up the RoomPerfect EQ by taking multiple measurements with the included microphone around the room and in the sweet spot I am now amazed at how linear the system sounds and how outstanding the imaging/soundstaging turned out to be.

I know I could not have gotten the same results with any amount of Bass traps and/or passive room treatments. Best of luck to you.
I'd go for some room treatment- check out GIK Acoustics!
That's quite a predicament, but if I can make a suggestion, try moving the 2.4s closer together than the recommended distance. I suspect you might find 5 feet apart sounds very good, maybe better than the recommended distance, which could be for much larger rooms. Speakers are often placed too far apart, anyway, and the speaker placement track on the XLO Test CD demonstrates speakers should be placed relatively close together for best results - maybe even as close as 4 feet!
I think Plato's suggestion is spot on.
Perhaps you might consider trading the 2.4's for Thiels MCS, as they are easier to place and might be more appropriate for your room volume. Thiels smaller sub might work well here too.
Thanks foll all the responses. I had never heard of Lyngdorf, and it looks very promising. I will keep my eye on used equipment to see if one of them turns up, and in the meantime play with the speaker placement. Shame the Lyngdorfs are so rare!
Jhsjhs, the Lyngdorf gear comes up now and then. Just keep watching the ads and you will likely find one before too long.

You might also try contacting Neal Van Berg at: He seems like an honest dealer and may have a good price on one of the Lyngdorfs if you contact him.