Trickle down tech of Maggies 20.1 to rest of line?

The big Maggies have won the "Product of the Year" from Absolute Sound. I wonder if the newly refined technology will/is being added to the rest of the Maggie lineup... so we all can enjoy! Any insider info???
I don't think there is trickle down technology yet, the main difference between the 20.1 and the rest of the line up is the QR push-pull midrange- this makes the speaker slightly more effecient and it has better "slam" its at the expense of a little resolution. In order to make a push pull planer driver the sound ultimately has to travel through a perforated metal panel- and as you can imagine that isn't good for the sound. A many die hard maggie fans dislike the 20.1 for that reason and preffer the 20R. My problem is that you aren't really getting that much more over the 3.6, and your paying a lot more. That is not to say that as soon as I am done with my super modified 3.6's I am not going to do the same thing to a set of 20.1's I am just not in that much of a rush too. I do think they will eventually have trickle down technology in say the 3.7 or the 1.7 though its going to come with a price increase and the price is one of the best parts of the current line up :)

Now if only the offered an optional audiophile grade crossover as an option......
Hello Tireguy:

Recently, I auditioned the 20.1s at Lyric hi-fi in NYC. On a first impression, there were no apparent compromises in resolution. In fact, I found the 20.1s a notch better than the 3.6 and 3.5 in terms of resolution and transparency.

Currently, I am using modified 3.5s, biamped with a Marchand 126s x-over (with VT100 MKII driving the mid/treble section and Kenwood L07M driving the bass). I will be upgrading to the 20.1s in September.
Gmorris- Keep me posted as to your mods on the 20.1's as much as I have heard it is a compromise I think it is what I will end up with- and of course upgrade them- just wait to you see what I have in-store for my 3.6's! They are going to be crazy! I would like to have the 20.1's and modify them right away while using the 3.6's as a temporary speaker.

I don't think I will be modifying the 20.1 for a while. They were very impressive driven by a pair of ARC VTM200 with LS25 MKII ( I own the LS25 MKI). The transient speed in the midbass and midrange was impressive. I will be biamping using the same gear as I am using for the 3.5s. Thus, it will not be necesary to upgrade the external x-over. Maybe, later on I will upgrade the internal caps and coils and replace the wiring.
Was I under a misimpression? I thought the push/pull low/midrange panel technology had already been incorporated into the 3.6...No?