Trichord Dino power lead - any good?

Has anyone tried the Trichord Dino power lead as an upgrade. I have a Dino/Dino+ and haven't got the funds to upgrade the Phono stage but wondered if the dedicated power lead made any difference (one reviewer thought it did). At £140 ($300) it is not cheap.
The Dino is an excelllent phonostage and good value for money (I used to own one too). However, if you add in the powerlead, I would rather save my money for a better phonostage. There are some real nice choices in the $2k range I would consider: Vacuumstate JLTI, K&K audio, Pass Xono. For example, the JLTI has much more resolution, more bottom end extension, more soundstage layering than the Dino.