Tribute bands or bands/artists making a comeback..any favorites out there??

Back when I was young I had the pleasure to see Led Zeppelin and Queen live in concert. Later I saw Robert Plant and Jimmy Page together. Nothing beats seeing the great musical artists of their era.
Now that I am an old fart, the original bands are gone (mostly) I have seen Zoso some years ago and was invited to see Killer Queen by a young friend discovering Queen's music for the first time. Those guys were good! Anyone out there fans of certain Tribute bands or bands getting back together to tour again.
I saw a really good Eagles tribute band out of Vancouver, B.C. last year: Eagle Eyes. Perfect 3- and 4-part harmonies, excellent musicianship. I'm not a big Eagles fan, but these guys nail it.
Hell’s Belles are an all-female AC/DC tribute band. They are talented and a lot of fun to go see.
Check out - The Belfast Cowboys - They are a Van Morrison Tribute Band and also do originals, in a style similar to Van Morrison. Check out their original - "Looking for the Northern Lights". Not just a great tribute song. It's a Great song, period......

The Belfast Cowboys - "Looking for the Northern Lights"
"The Musical Box" does a very good and authentic classic Genesis show.

Another very fun one based out of Baltimore/DC metro area:

I'm sure I'm in the minority but going out to see a tribute band isn't my thing at all.  I love seeing live music but I overwhelmingly prefer listening to and watching someone create their own original music and putting their unique voice on it, regardless of talent level.  It's so much more soul stirring even if the composition isn't as brilliant as a well-known band/musician being played by others.  I realize you can watch a cover band play and it's fun, nostalgic, and often a party but that's not what lures me to see live music.  
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Genesis tribute band The Musical Box. My friend introduced me to them and we have seen them twice in the last 2 tears. They are really amazing, and are actually sanctioned by Genesis.
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Pat Boone. Bad to the bone. 
Wouldn’t that be bad to the Boone? Anyway, not exactly a tribute band but great musicians and songs- Dred Zeppelin. Elvis impersonator doing Zeppelin songs to a reggae beat. Also some hybrid Elvis/Zeppelin and originals. Great stuff!
Great original bands still around : The Zombies, and Deep Purple. Long in tooth, but still rock.
This thread caught my eye as i was curious  to see what tribute bands would be posted.

2 folks above posted Musical Box..

Trust me if you like Vintage Genesis the Musical Box will absolutely blow you away

I im lucky enough to say i saw their 1st ever public performance and coincidentally i also saw their 1000th performance at a much much bigger venue...

I have probably seen them 20 times as i cannot resist anytime the come close to home...

Simply put they as good as an even possibly better than Genesis....
and yes i did see Genesis many many times..

and   The Drive By Truckers are the best band for my taste that started after the seventies had ended....
Great Caesar's Ghost is my favorite cover/tribute band. They play Grateful Dead and Allman Brothers covers as well as originals. To add credibility, Butch Trucks played with them on a couple of their albums. Unfortunately, when Butch passed away and GSG lost one of their members, they may have retired. However, their cd's are still available on amazon and CD Baby. I learned about them from RELIX magazine. Highly recommended.

- Doors Tribute band with the purported "Love Child" of Jim Morrison as the lead singer.

They mainly play around LA, but it appears they'll be on the East Coast next month.

Lez Zeppelin. All female band that can really rock.
Whatever happened to Dread Zeppelin? 
The Musical Box (Peter Gabriel-era Genesis) I've seen them twice at the theaters in Playhouse Square, they're amazing, highly recommended
Not to derail the thread, but Rich Castellano and his friends did a pretty amazing cover of close to the edge
@geoffkait, they still tour occasionally, no new albums in years.
I've been impressed by YouTube videos of The Musical Box, Britt Floyd and Live on Mars (Bowie). I have multiple friends who have seen all three of them (and whose opinions I trust) and rave about how good they are.

I'll vouch for The Zombies. Have seen them 3 times in the last 5 years and they are great. I can't think of any 60's rock act whose lead singer has had their voice hold up as well as Colin Blunstone's has. I was also really surprised with how good David Crosby was. He had a Swedish female bass player that could give Tal Wilkenfeld (Jeff Beck) a run for her money.
Saw Brit Floyd on a whim and was shocked at how good it was. Huge show with lasers and effects and some graphics seemed to be exact ones used on earlier Pink Floyd tours. Musicianship was stellar. My first concert was Zeppelin when I was 15. I saw many great ones over many years...Stones, Who, Floyd, The Stooges, (and Iggy with his band) James Gang, Santana, many of Warren Haynes’s Christmas Jams (a great event- check out the website for who has played over the last 30 years.)I am 64 now but saw 17 concerts last year. Newer rock? Queens of the Stone Age (8 times live). They been around for years, but any band that does the Groundhogs’s Eccentric Man as faithfully as they do is good by me! Very interesting article in about popularity of cover bands these days. Said folks rather go out for a good time with music they are familiar with than have patience to absorb something new. It was making new, very good artist have a difficult time getting gigs locally. So they often take roles in the cover bands to get work. Kinda sad, no one wants to explore anymore. That is how I kept my interest in music for all these years - reading many mags re: jazz, rock, blues and mostly music that fits no one category, and buying it. 
I saw the Alan Parsons Project earlier this year on a whim, because the ticket prices were less than half of what that venue normally charges. Turns out they were really good. I wish more venues would do that.
is the new APP lp good? 
@moofoo; no I have not heard the new Alan Parsons LP. I've checked every music website that I know of, and no one has any song samples to listen to. That is both rare and strange; and, perhaps a bad omen. He played two songs from the new LP at the concert that I saw, and they were decent. My main focus has been on trying to figure out which APP concert DVD to buy.
I don't care about "tribute" bands as the entire thing seems silly, but one of my fave touring bands that I've managed to see locally a few times in recent years is the Martin Barre Band, which is sort of a "tribute" to Jethro Tull (or in the case of Barre a tribute to himself), but with currently more coherent singing than Ian Anderson could summon these days. These guys play with some serious gusto and get that "English folk meets prog rock" thing done in spades...a powerful and clearly authentic sounding killer band.
A friend of mine saw Barre’s band recently and said it was great. I have a solo CD by him (could not find it on vinyl) and the compositional variety and skill shown is...well, exceptional. Do you know if he lives in the US now? Hope I get a chance to see him. Love his playing on the early Tull stuff, integral and critical to that sound.
I spoke to his wife at the "merch" table last time they played at my local venue, and she said they do live in London...I bought the latest album on CD and it's great. Note that Barre at 72 has astonishing energy and his guitar chops haven't diminished one astonishing musician.
Purple Reign a Prince Tribute band are amazing

I dont want to sound like a broken record but The Musical Box is the closest thing to the real Genesis out there. Saw  them 2 months ago.
Also Paul Rodgers voice is still a force to be reckoned with. Puts on a great show, a lot of Bad Company and a smidgen of The Firm and Free.
Leonid and friends. Check them out on YouTube